1-800-whack-its for you

that’s right, these whack adapters break so frequently you can now subscribe to 1800whackits

each month you’ll receive a case of whack adapters to replenish you’re constantly breaking supply

it’s automatic, so each month you’re assured of having enough whack adapters on hand so you’re never stuck with a useless reach it and have to pull out the ol’ tucker

don’t worry, these shipments of whack adapters are made of the same cheap plastic that breaks in the same spot every time, that’s why you’ll receive a bushel full every month, we would [B]never[/B] make them out of something more durable like aluminum or any other metal, only the best same low quality plastic is used

aren’t you glad you use whack adapters?

give us a call now so we can start your monthly shipments right away . . .


I’m detecting a hint of sarcasm here…

The newer white ones are crazy strong.

I don’t see it Phil. Could you point out a specific example?

Yeah, I don’t see the sarcasm either. Lol

Hey Bruce,
Like Randy mentioned, the new white ones are a lot thicker. I used to break the black ones easily. I have yet to break a white one. I think Alex said the white ones are 3 times thicker. Call Alex at WCR and he will help you out. Or feel free to call me as well

Wow. You’re like, head of the ‘rah rah’ team.

  • I figured ‘no criticizing’ was a clause in your contract.

thanks guys, definitely venting after today’s experience

I will order a bushel full of the white ones . . . :slight_smile:

I have yet to try one… but my reach it pro is on its way, so I’ll throw one on it and we’ll see :eek:

Get the pink ones. They the same as the white but for charity.

@Bruce, this reminds me of the dollar shave club, but for whack adapters :stuck_out_tongue:

I needed a favor from you earlier in the week but it ended up working out, but BARELY. My WFP barrrrrely reached, so I called @Alex while I was on the job and told him to send me a new freakin pole! haha

WCR will replace all the broken black whack adapters with the new white ones. They are 100% new plastic, not recycled junk like the black ones that virtually break when you look at them.


yep, set pole on ground = break

brush bumps 1/4 frame of comml window above = break

brush taps into comml column = break

= no more crap its

= what is the rest of the stuff like? wash it, reach it pro, etc etc

“raise your glass” is the song that came to mind, lol

Can we include Aquadapter on this whack adapter special?

uh oh . . .

(I dont have one . . . but your post says it all)

U betcha Buddy! For the $$ i have spent on 3 diff models with the consistent failures… Aquadapter sucks!

hey wait a minute . . . you haven’t changed you avatar lately Art :smiley:

Don’t throw it…It might break:rolleyes: