#1 Marketing strategy?

WCR rocks!!! Im headed into my third summer of window cleaning. My second as a business owner. All I can say is that Ive learned so much from this forum that wouldve taken me years to figure out on my own. Experience is everything but being able to ask the veterans and learn from peoples past mistakes is priceless.

wayne805 who posts here occassionally is actually one of my competitors but he has helped me out tons over the last year . Helped my get set up with a WFP and has just been a great resource. He saw one of my posts and called me. Thanks man!

Lately I’ve really been taking a closer look at what brings in those new customers. We’ve been doing flyers, 3 upscale direct mail magazines to $100,000.00 income homes, BNI group, asking current customers for referrals, cold calling on businesses etc. I have yet to really narrow it down to one that is really the best return. Anyone have a particular method which has had spectacular results?? Right now I figure a little bit from a lot of sources is the answer

looking at yur pic?.. Try shaving. Just messin man . I only work on referrals. No crew 2 worry about so as it comes works well. Average about 40 new continual clients each year. Reward your clients well who refer u. Many seem 2 think that a $25.00 gift card is the way 2 go… Many of my clients wouldn’t wipe the dog crap from the bottom of their shoes w/ $25. All I am saying is, make it worth yur client’s time 2 talk about u. And always do great work, impress

How do you know which one’s me? Yeah we’ve been harvesting the referrals pretty well through referral rewards and thank you cards but we need more business.

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You need to start tracking your results. Real simple


A marketing mix is a must because everyone is not in one place. You need to find out which one works best and put the most resources into that.

yeah thats the plan. Just wanted to see what avenue was the most productive for others, Thanks for the input

search engine optimization

If you’re looking for a #1 proven marketing strategy, I think I have some advice for you:

Write Paul (CFP) a check for $100 and mail it to him. When he receives it, he’ll call you and talk to you one-on-one for $100 worth of his time.

(He’s expensive, so don’t count on this being a long phone conversation)

I’m actually not kidding. Finding a mentor is a great way to short-cut this marketing stuff, and get some focused, effective efforts on track ASAP.

Or you can check out my forum, if Paul’s busy

The truth is, lifting one heavy weight one day doesn’t make big meaty, muscular arms, but lifting them regularly, the right amount, the right way, the right speed, especially with the help of a personal trainer mixed in, can produce astounding results very quickly.

Chris is also extremely knowledgeable with this marketing stuff, and guys like Curt and Eric are very creative.

Seek them out for some one-on-one feedback.

Thanks Kevin :slight_smile:

You’re the Coach! I am just the Author of an arse kicking ebook :cool:

The natural talent from many people on this forum has started to show itself. Many of whom I would have never guessed had such talents (like Curt)

That is awesome