1% Response in 1 Day?

Yesterday I decided to try out a new flier in preparation for a massive distribution this spring.

I already have 1% response and 100% conversion! The fliers were passed out yesterday early afternoon. I must admit I am a little surprised.

I also gave the smallest time frame for them to respond that I ever dared. They had 5 days and the offer is gone.

I would love to come back and talk about a 3% response in a couple days, but I am happy with the results right now if not.

What does all this mean? Even though people are not out looking, they can still be sold.

Go get some!

So if you passed out a hundred thousand fliers you would get a 1000 jobs?

Do you have time to pass that many out?

are you high? I aint passing out no 100,000 anything. I like about 10-12 houses a week. I am not hiring and this is likely my last year.

also, it is very hard to send a generic mass message. The percentage would drop drastically. I like doing 5000 a pop to very targeted areas.

I will not do that until the end of March

Care to share a peek at that flier. I have never used flier distribution, but am considering it to ensure a busy spring. How did you get the flier in peoples hands, by the way? Thanks

I thought 1% was the average response of direct mail ads. Even crappy ones? Am I wrong? The company I used to work for always expected at least a 1% return.

Sounds like another poll in the making…

I never have gotten close to 1% and I feel like I have very nice professional looking flyers. Good job

Glad to hear “the company you used to work for” gets at least 1%.

What do you get this time of year?

1% is not easy to get… in the Midwest… in February… in a horrid economy… from a flier. sorry

It is not my flier I am talking about in this post. It is the fact that people are buying. This time of year is tough in a good economy to sell window cleaning (where I am). I am just surprised (happily) that I had any calls.

This post is to give hope to people sitting and waiting. DON’T WAIT! Go out there and advertise right now.


thats incredible

How many did you pass out this time?