1200 flyers going out this morning

I’ve been pad footing around with deliveries of 250-300 and been getting a consistent .5% return on booked jobs. I’ve found that Im lucky to even get a call when I do less than 200, but 400 most always lands two gigs.

We are putting out 1200 this morning and I can’t wait to see what happens. I’ve been visualizing getting 10 booked jobs, but will be thrilled with 5.

I know 1200 is still chump change to a lot of you but this will be my largest distribution yet and I can’t wait for the results to roll in.

Of course Im worried about the timing with the holiday and all, but that concern may just be a limiting belief. We’ll soon find out.

Anyone else do flyer activities this time of year?

I’m stepping up the game and footing 2000 over the weekend. (F, Sat, Sun, Mon). I figure its double exposure because the Mommies and Daddies will be out with their kids trick or treating Sat n Sun… Get that money :slight_smile:

2000 would be nice, but I didn’t have the energy. We only knocked out 600 today, but I booked two jobs before I even got home. Those pay for expenses, so everything else that comes in is bankable.

we are sending 5000 post cards next week. Got a great deal from a local bulk mailer, I pay the 14 cents postage and 2 cents each for him. I got Bev to print the cards for 6 cents each…so I got 22 cents each for the total of $1100 for the lot.

The place I use changed up the program on me. They use to deliver flyers as inserts for $45 per k now it’s $80… unless you go over 10,000 then it goes down to $50. They also changed their printing rates. $590 for the first 5000 and $150 per 5000 after that.

It’s $990 for 5000 full colour, 2 sided, 60lb glossy flyers, printed and delivered.

or $1240 for 10,000 printed and delivered. Granted I’m always over 10k sometimes 30k but now I don’t have the option:(

Tricky buggers must have read kevins book.

Did you finish delivering the batch? How well did they do?

Yeah im curious to know how well those flyers did also. 1200 flyers, id guess 5 landed jobs.

You did it all in ONE morning? Did you have someone helping you?

We got them all out. Only 600 the first day, the other 800 went out a few days later.

0 calls, significant increase in web traffic and 2 booked jobs. The two jobs I booked were from husbands outside doing yardwork. I just walked up talked to them for a few minutes and closed right there. (*After they asked their wives)

Im happy for the two jobs, but even more happier at what I learned.

  1. Wives love clean windows, and they are the DM. (Obvious to me now)
  2. My flyers probably sucked, but my salesmenship saved the day.
  3. I got over 400 new visits to my website *over half from mobile devices over the week.
  • but even with all the new hits I didn’t get a single online quote request. My website sucks for making conversions and is losing me opportunities.
  1. Delivering your own flyers sucks, but I learned a lot about the neighborhoods and know there is potential for a good living just out of this area.

This time I covered a large enough territory to sample real results about several aspects of my business. I’ve got a lot of new metadata along with the means and desire to exploit it. I think my first big first big flyer delivery was a blazing success.

I would have expected you to get better results with that especially in texas. Did you pass them out in nicer neighborhoods? Post a picture of your flier if you don’t mind and let us take a look at it… see if we can offer some pointers.

That would be great. I did get the new Window Cleaning Resource magazine last week. There is a great section on creating flyers. Wish I would have read it before hand.

This was put an an upper middle class neighborhood. white colar, 125k income, 275k, home value.

Windows are pretty tough to clean out here with raised foundations, tight spaces, high landscaping. I think my biggest issue was focusing on the price instead of the service. Either way, Id love to hear some seasoned opinions.

Honestly, it’s not that bad of a flier at all. Im suprised you only got two jobs out of it. There are several things i really like about it, you gave a price upfront which some will say is dumb but I have always done it and it has seemed to work well. A few things that might help are to use a more professional flier in the nicer neighborhoods, nicer neighborhoods want professional working on their homes and if your flier doesn’t give the impression that you are a professional they won’t call. These guys on this forum have some great fliers designed already under the print section you can download and use for $99, then use gotprint.com to print them or I think even this forum does price matching on printing so maybe talk to them and see what deal they can get you. I would highlight your company a bit more in the flier, insurance, bonded, etc? Do you have any before and after pics, put them on the back of the flier? If not you can use the one on my website at windowcleaningphoenix.com homepage. Pics of your company truck with graphics or a pic of your employees working? a testimonial or two? I would also turn the 30% deals on the back of the flier to coupons with expiration dates so people know it is a limited time only. I would like to see some more pics on though if I got it on my door. Also the line “fall window cleaning special” doesn’t always strike a nerve with the lady in the house like mentioned earlier but something like “Get your window cleaned for your holiday party” or something along those lines might get that lady thinking a bit.

I don’t know much about flier marketing but those are my 2 cents maybe someone else here with more knowledge and experience can chime in.

oh yeah one more thing, if you got that many people to your website from it you need to get set up with some sort of an email subscription where people can “lock in” their price, you will be amazed at how many people will sign up their email for this price lock in on your flier. Then you can send them future coupons with a click of a button. Just imagine if 10% of those people that went to your website signed up for your email coupons every time you did a flier distribution like that? Before you know it you would have a few hundred emails in your area to market too during the slow times.

I picked up 2 more jobs on Monday. Now I’m real happy with the results. Can’t wait to upgrade the postcard quality and see if that helps.

So a $275k home your washing for $69?

EXACTLY!! Start focusing on the WIFE and target her with your fliers! Kevin helped me to realize this and Ive been doing SO much better when it comes to ROI on fliers! I make fliers that will appeal to HER not him, and I am definitely not regretting it :slight_smile:

The pressure washing for $69.00 along with window cleaning service? It takes less than 25 minutes to do a driveway and is a good add…no?

I dont have my glasses on (in all seriousness) but I didnt see anything mentioned about a driveway on your ad. I was looking at it on my iphone.

No 69 for a driveway, I would do them 6 days a week. Especially if you could get lined up in a subdivsion.

I just looked at your ad. Sorry I apologize. I guess I read right over the top of it on my iphone.

I know Florida is horrible for pw prices, but I didnt think Texas was that bad.

Sorry again…

have you gotten any more jobs off of that batch hotwinwash?

yeap! 2 on Monday and another one booked with me this afternoon for next Saturday. That’s a total of 5 and I have not even capitalized on the referrals yet. One more job from and it will put me at over $1k in revenue for this distribution. I guess it cost about $200 for the printing and distribution. (I paid myself and my assistant .10 a flyer.)

Im going to put out another 1000 on the same homes before Thanksgiving, but will use a better looking quality flyer. Postcard sized/glossy type instead of just a heavy card stock. Im still going with the black and white since they were effective.

I 'really didn’t think I was going to get these kind of results at this time of the year. Even had some other people tell me I was wasting my time trying to drum up new business during the holidays.

This just goes to show you how much money you will make if you subscribe to limiting beliefs. A big fat 0!

I think the flier you put together has a good foundation. I few things I would consider you do, or at least think about.

  1. Raise your prices! You seem to be giving your services away, your worth more than that.

  2. Track your results! Maybe I am wrong but I would be curious to see what you gross and how long it takes you to
    complete the work. I would be willing to bet you are leaving money on the table.

  3. I agree with don, when I read your post about $69 for a driveway pw I had to go back and read your flier. If your
    mindset tells you that pw is for a driveway make that more clear. Because I did not read it that way and neither did
    don from the sounds of it.

This is only my opinion, you can take it or leave it.