1200 flyers going out this morning

I would try to get that response rate up, right now your at about a 1/2% rate for landed jobs (but thats including the two jobs you sold in person when you confronted the homeowner directly) You really outa be able to pay someone to pass out your fliers and pay someone to do all the cleaning work and still make a good profit (I would say at least 30% of each job should go directly into your pocket otherwise it’s not worth it).

But all in all, it was your first 1200 flier distrubution and you got a 1/2% response which isn’t bad for your first distribution so keep tweaking things (your fliers, coupons, call to action, pricing, ad on services, etc) until you get the results you need to make it worth it. And remember that response rate doesn’t mean anything it’s all about spending the least amount of $$$ to make the most amount $$$ (ROI) But your response rate can help you tweak your campaign to get the most ROI

good luck

What’s the ROI like for you on 5k or the 10k?