14 pt Postcard stock or 100lb cover flyer

What is everyone ordering for there 8 1/2 x 11 postcards? I just got in a order of 14pt postcard and got to comparing it to my sample of 100lb cover from a flyer and they are pretty close, except for a pretty big price hike for the 14pt.

Whats everyone else using when they get cards, what kind of stock is the at cost printing for the WCRA?

Hey Curtis

Most people that get that size post card get the 14pt gloss coated cover. Typically fliers get the 100lb

Request a sample kit from gotprint.net. A quality collection and helps answer those questions just as you’re about to submit the $1000 order.

I have the sample kit and the best I can tell the 100lb COVER flyer will work as a post card just fine and can really save some money vs ordering the postcard stock. On regular gotprint pricing for a 1000 cards it is looking like about a 45.00 savings, pretty substantial when you are only talking about 210.00 after shipping for regular postcards.