17k bookings in one day on one card

I was a little worried about this card but it hit yesterday and we did 17k in bookings on the first day. 12,500 pieces… Not to bad…

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Way to go chris!!
Gotta try it!!!

Great job! I really like this card.

Wow that’s great. I gotta admit, I hate that card. But what do I know? Lol

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I love this card. The expression on her face is perfect. It grabs your attention in a millisecond and makes you read the card. Great idea Chris.

I think I know what you mean by “the ones that are a little out there” but what exactly do you mean? - unique, eye catching? - thanks

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Kate caught this and gave me stern look :slight_smile:

I meant ones that might come off as slightly offensive…

The mothers day one with the head in the oven for example… Many people said they wouldn’t use it… But it was our best card of the year, it did way over 200K

Not sure why Kate was bothered… she didn’t pick her parents. :slight_smile:

Hey, Leave Kate Alone.

WOW - interesting - there have been a few that I was hesitant to use because of that “slightly offensive” factor - maybe it hits a “I can hear it now - let’s just do it so we don’t have to hear that” nerve - thanks for the input

That’s hilarious! There’s always one…

you should have asked if her kid’s windows were dirty :smiley:

That is amazing! What would be a scale down version, based on doing business only with yourself cleaning the windows? I would love to try this but worried about getting too much to handle.

So when all was said and done we actually ended up with 2 complaints about the card…


With the two complaints, do you consider the campaign a success? How bad do you think the complaints “harmed” you & your company vs. the business generated? Were the complainers angry or more like slightly offended? Would you do it again?


Yea I would say it was a complete success… We got endless compliments on the card. I would say if I got 10 or more complaints, I would be kinda bothered by it.

The response (number of calls) you get depends on many factors; time of year, types of homes, areas economic culture versus Chris’, what day homeowners receive the mailer, weather and many more.

I would say you should start with 5,000. IMO any less doesn’t give you a large enough market segment, any more you could be leaving money on the table by sending too many of the wrong card.

Start with that and than you yourself can scale up or down based upon your numbers.

I can say confidently that if you send 5,000 you will not get too much work to handle.

how could you get too much to handle?

Its only a matter of time before this card ends up in the lady on the front’s mail lol