1st Construction Clean!

Did my first CCU today. Made excellent money and received a good review. Took me a while to get the process down but now that I’ve got it a little I can make even better money next time.

I made some bank in ccu. I got out for ‘payment’ issues…but the work is fun, different, always challenging and I did like it.

It lead to scratch removal…and when builders went belly up…I moved on.

But I miss that work.

The best bit is that you don’t have to deal with people while you’re on the job. That and there is no furniture or stupid trinkets that take up time.

Back when construction was booming…the price point was better too.

It was nice and slow…quiet…do the gig right kinda work.

and yes…there were not people to deal with mostly. Other than drunken plumbers who were more important than anyone else.

some day i will share the story of the super on one job who almost got shot. By me. Serious.

I gotta hear that.

its a good one

Sounds interesting.

how did you get the gig, I’ve been thinking of trying to get into some ccu but not sure where to start for a contact

You can travel to construction sites to research the name of the builder or general contractor.

My area has a local “contractors exchange” with resources available to research local projects (you may or may not have to be a member to research):
a member-operated, non-profit corporation established to serve the construction industry. a membership comprised of licensed contractors, specialty subcontractors, material manufacturers and suppliers, design professionals and building-related business associates.

Check your local YP under “Construction”, “Builders”, or “Contractors” for names.

thanks Larry, I know who most of the builders are here as far as condo’s go, I used to be a high rise caulker and waterproofer and was on many jobs in this area. Most of the builders from back then are still in the area. So, do I just go to one of their jobs and ask to speak with the project manager or is there a better way?

I’ve only worked with local custom home builders.

Hey - ask Phil (he did a ton of CCU.)

That’s what I did. From that one conversation I now have regular CCU work with two builders. I reckon you should give it a go

In Florida, you’ll need workers comp.

But that is the best way.

You can also go to the ‘cleaners’ doing the work and ask for the windows. Your area has a ton of high rise stuff you can sub out too.

My scratch hog is still for sale if you want it…then you can do scratches too.