1st day with power since IKE!

Pending any further disasters, I will be resuming my normal role as wcr-surfer.
Here’s a little hurricane-took-out-power-and-other-disasters with children, survival advice:

  1. Generator (If you can afford one otherwise lots of candles and batteries.)
  2. Lots of candles and batteries.
  3. If you get candy as a nonperishable, remember children lose all sense of reason when cooped up for a couple days and have all that sugar energy. My son literally was hopping in place to the point that I began to worry about his psychological welfare, he was so cabin-fevered.
  4. Portable DVD (All hail Sony)
  5. Deodorant
  6. Knowing lots of children songs and stories. Beware telling anything Disney because they will know it word for word from having seen it two hundred thousand times.
  7. A new toy for everyday you dont have power. It gets harder to maintain sanity the longer you go, so the compounding of toy assets offers more choices of entertainment as the time grows more tiresome. The anticipation of a new toy can also be used as leverage. :wink:

Glad things are getting back to normal for you Manny!

This post should be reproduced by the millions.

It should grace the very cover of Readers Digest.

what a true hero. This is perhaps the best damned (yep…I cursed get over it)
post ever!
Kudos man.