2 questions

We have a beachside home we do quarterly. the home has glass panels surrounding the whole backyard on the oceanside. These things get covered in landscaping debris and baked bug poop. So each one ends up having to be scraped or scrubbed every time we do this job.Anyone have a quicker method??

2nd Q: Is Simple Green too strong for washing screens? Some old guy said he would never use it on metal because its too corrosive. Ive been using it for a while with no problems.


  1. I almost always have to use a white scrub pad to remove water spots and bug crap. Rarely do I pull out the scraper, but once in awhile. I use the white scrub pad on almost every exterior window.

  2. Simple Green is just a degreaser/cleaner, so if you dilute it properly, it shouldn’t give you any trouble.

A scraper is much more effective and efficient, IMO. Why use a white pad instead?

Magic eraser works pretty good, and its handy if you keep one in your bucket.

Ok , the thing is Im talking about 36 ------4X3 panels. Thats a lot of scraping/scrubbing. Does anyone make a big non-scratching scrub pad???

Have you tried blasting it with a hose? I’m assuming each window is one solid pane of glass… I would turn the hose sprayer on full strength, get all the debris on the window nice and wet, then clean… maybe with a porcupine scrubber.
Then a white pad or some steel wool can be used for the odd tough spot.

Yes they do make holder that will hold two of the 10" white pads , it will also fit on any pole (screw on) I bought it a jantorial supply store, it doesn’t have a make or model number on it. If you want a picture, let me know.

Perfect Pane
Los Alamitos, CA.

If you use this w/ a wfp equipped w/ a Reach Around it should make the job much quicker.

Larry - honestly - I don’t know why I like a scrubber pad more. To me I can scrub faster than I can scrape with a 4" razor. I only whip out the razor for tar, sap, or when the window is covered in bug crap/debris.

I haven’t tried the porcupine scrubber covers, but maybe something more abrasive would do the trick.

use your pressure washer set at 975psi with DI water, problem solved…
i do it all the time.

over here ,in LIDL shop they sell a grey balcony floor scrubber pad . its made by Aquapur ,its about18 x6inch . its very coarse , made of microfibre cloth with fine spikes of stiffish plastic . these spikes show through the microfibre similar looking to a cats whiskers coming through fur . i have cut one up and for several weeks now iv been using it on my wagtail flipper and iv used it on all types of glass ,all day every day ,no problems and plastic windows(i tested one carefully first ) . i believe its the ultimate scrubber ,its not showing the slightest wear so far plus no change of colour . holds water good too. plus it was cheap ,only £3/4

tell that guy who lives in a fancy beach house to not be a cheapo.

Try a 6" Triumph (or other brand) – it covers 50% more area per stroke than a 4" blade.

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I whish we had LIDL here! I used to do almost all my shopping there in Europe.