2 stage RHG di tank with two extras

How much? I bought full size tanks for 500 dollars

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I don’t what that means but it’s a total of $800 worth selling for $400

I have a set of tanks only paid 500 . They are twice that size.

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4 tanks

If you have 2 tanks twice this size then you get 4 tanks with this. Wouldn’t that equal the same size? For $100 less???

They cost what 595 and each cartridge is like 120? How much water does it make? I guess it is the portability of it. Sure I can make my own tanks or get 2 cubes but lugging 2 1/2 cubes or 1 cube around… Did you upgrade to another system?

Here at 40-60 TDS I get about 1600 gallons . And they are super light weight. They are pretty nice but we are going to van mounted system

That is what I like portable and light weight. I make my water using a 1/4 cube and .41 cube. Small enough to take with but making a cart a hassle. Here I am at 170ish ppm. What size would 1 canister equate to like a 1/2 cube resin? These are not refillable right, need a cartridge?

Right they are sealed and can’t be refilled. I think it’s around .25 cubic in

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