2 waterfedpoles 1 water spigot

Looking for advice on how to use 2 wfps at once using only 1 water spigot.

Water pressure is usually very good in my city. Water takes the path of least resistance so when one pole is on 2nd story and one on first I am forseeing an issue there. Im guessing a flow controller/valve on each hose for each pole? Could something as simple as a valve just slightly open work to restrict the water flow?

Best place to split the hose? After di tank and add another reel?

Looking for some experienced advice from anyone who has done this.

My set up is 2 hose reels and di tank all truck mounted. 1 hose to customers water supply - then through di tank on truck - out hose reel to pole.

Were it me, I would set it up like so:

Customer water in to DI tank, to water tank, to feed two pumps with flow control on each.

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Did not think of that option, thanks. Very interesting, would also elimate any issues with water pressure. Limited on space though but could possibly fit 25gallon tank… Something to ponder tomorrow.

We usually use 2 separate RO setups if we need two poles.

However, you’re right about the small valve to equalize/regulate the flow to even things out for the 2 poles at different heights with different lengths of hose.

Here’s a simple solution that’s we’ve used.


Nice tip thanks for sharing Joshua!

You seem to come up with some clever ideas! :wink:


Just put a splitter on the end of the DI feed hose and hook up both poles. If you need more separation add more hose to one side. That’s the beauty of no RO, water pressure not an issue. We work like this often.

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It looks like you only have one valve? Do you only restrict flow to one pole and then the other one just gets the rest of the flow? Love the simple solution!

I know your in mtl, im in ott, do you have amazing water quality their also? Typical tds on city water here is 10-20 tds. If your ever in Ott msg me id love to talk pure water with you.

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I should’ve been clearer. The blue hose is the source. The orange is the main pole. The yellow is the auxiliary.

Ya, I’d talk business! I’ll keep you in mind.

Oh, and water quality is great here as well. Depending on where in the region we get 30-140 ppm. Also, it’s steady pressure at 80 psi which gets us ro only results of 000-004. We just don’t use di resin!

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Very very very interesting. Maybe RO is more suitable for me for long term costs as resin and shipping costs are not cheap and not to mention its a hassle changing the resin. Definitely going to be looking into that. Thanks!

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We do it exactly like this, and split it right off the tank.

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