2 WCs died in NY




High rise is some crazy sh-t. They do not get paid nearly enough to do that.

I read today there average rate of pay is $7

when you factor in all the illegals

Its tragic. One of the cousins was due to get married soon.
Who knows the full story, hydraulic leak or not, it goes to show that these aparatus aren’t 100% safe even with experienced users.

nothing man made is 100% safe

you have got to be soooo careful using one of these lifts. The only thing I can see is they may have been trying to move it around on the ground while it being extended fairly high. I have had the lift I use on some very uneven ground rolling good but lowered, so its more stable.
Sad accident, thats for sure. Hope everyone on this forum using that sort of equipment follows all safety rules all the time, because all it takes is a slit second to tragedy.

Another death in Manhatten. R.I.P. Robert Domaszowec.
And more platform problems on the same day.


That’s the WC companies fault. All it takes is one low baller who pulls in a few accounts and next thing you know every company on the planet is charging those rates to stay in business. Let’s be honest here. If I owned a highrise building I would expect to have to pay large money to have someone clean my windows. I am willing to bet when these companys send in their bids there are people sitting at a table saying HOLY CRAP LOOK HOW CHEAP THIS IS. If the industry set a rate price to include a risk factor and everyone stuck to that minium price the building owners would have no choice but to pay the price. Look at a car dealer for example. If you want a highend car, no matter what brand you get, you can expect to pay well over 50 grand. It’s not like you can go get a high end caddy for 50 grand and a lincoln for 25. To me it’s the industries fault. I love how many of these companies hire these illegals. ISSA made a big stink that the government wanted companies who are doing business with them to prove their workers are legal. They are still fighting it. Makes no sense to fight it unless you know that the end result will be many people losing contracts because they now don’t have the man power to complete the job. Simple fix, hire legal workers, charge a fair rate and stick to your guns. In the end you will get your price and people will expect that cost to be the cost. Sad about this guy. I’m telling you something is going to change very soon in this industry with OSHA. Too many deaths in the last year. Let’s not forget that 2 other widow cleaners were had to be taken down another building when their scaffold broke that same day. I hope the change is makes the job so hard to do the companies have no choice but to charge crazy high prices. I would not touch a highrise pane for under $100 each over the 4th floor. But that is why I will never get a highrise job. People are charging $3 and $4 per pane in and out for this work and I have heard some are charging cheaper. Crazy.

very sad…did it say they were working at 1 o’clock in the morning…is that common?

I can’t believe it fell over despite its size, it looks like a rough terrain scissors lift or boom.

i always thought those big ones were pretty safe.

Godbless their families

That’s the old story Rob - the newer one is the guy that plunged 12 stories yesterday.

oh right, i was on hols for the last few weeks and must have missed that story as i only got online 2-3 times over the three weeks…

poor guy.

Godbless him and his family too.

IMO theres enough blame to go around, some of these accidents are entirely preventable and others are just freak accidents
When you look at some of the new architect designed buildings, that are going up all over the place, some of them are just accidents waiting to happen, the ones that get me, are the perfectly straight, nice big windowed hi-rises that would be a dawdle with a chair, then some architect decides that theres a need for an 8ft overhang just under the roof level
Or these new fangled sun shades that stick out above every window on the exterior of the building
There was talk here in Mass, a few years ago, that as part of an architects plans, there would have to be a provision on how the continuing maintenance of the building would be achieved, That seems to be forgotten about
Boston being an old city there are hundreds of hi-rises that don’t have any anchors or other usable tie-offs on the roof, yet in the event of an accident OSHA ignores the fact that the building is not up to current codes and instead blames the window cleaner for working in an unsafe manner
Last year was supposed to be the deadline for retrofitting anchors on roofs, and I told all potential customers that I would be unable to clean their windows if there were no anchors put in as it would be against OSHA rules, A few called the OSHA office for confirmation of this and were told that no such rule existed
There is very little training needed to be a window cleaner . hi-rise or other wise, Yet in the event of an accident, there seems to be a culture of " well he must have been doing something stupid" instead of acknowledging that the window cleaner was operating in as safe a manner as possible, with the circumstances given to him by the college educated, engineer, architect,
We used to do this, take whatever was given us and figure out the safest way to do the windows and make a profit, but after a while I had a bit of an Epiphany of, “what the **** am I doing” so we no longer deal with anything other than straight forward drops from OSHA approved tie-offs, This has greatly reduced the amount of hi-rise we do, but we are too busy doing other stuff to really care
Every day as I drive around I see guys hanging off buildings that I had been asked to price and after checking the situation refused to bid on or put in a bid to do it some other way that was far more expensive
The only way to make things safer for everybody is to have everybody refuse to work in unsafe conditions, but that’s never going to happen. so the best you can do is make sure that you work safely

Yes Rob they are safe, when you lower them to move them. These guys seemed to think it was a good idea to drive it while it was extended. Many think that’s a good idea. I guess they did not learn any laws of physics. Take an object and put it on a long stick. Wiggle the stick just a littlebit and look at the end. The end will not be wiggling just a little. It will wiggle a lot.

They should be fitted with a device that inhibits driving when the arm is extended.

I think the newer ones have them. But at a price range from $15 grand for a small scissor to over $80 grand for some large booms. Not many can afford them or they just don’t want to replace ones that work already. Even used ones are costly. But it’s like everything else. You have to be trained on the thing correctly and have to use it the way you were trained. It’s like when I was in the military. They gave us or weapons but would not let us load or fire them until we have 3 full 24 hour days with them. And even then, everything was done by the numbers so you would not blow off anyones head. But still you had morons who thought it was a good idea to point load m-16’s at each other. Last day of basic one went off by another guys head. Nothing happened to him, but he did have a major ringing in his ears for a few days. It’s just most people don’t listen when they are told something can kill you, that’s why it needs to be repeated constantly.

Perhaps someone should develop a WC’er brainwashing / training academy, like Uncle Sam has for GI Joe.

Knowing what to do and doing what you know are often not the same…as you know

(sorry if that offended you)

Apology accepted; please replenish escrow account.

That seems like a great side project for you. You are great with mind ****ing. Let’s remember something here. That so called brainwashing you mention saves lives. But then again how would you know? You never put on any uniform other then a suit and tie right?