2012 New Orleans Networking Event Schedule

Fifth Annual New Orleans Contractor Networking Event
February 3 and 4, 2012


8am- Check In
9am- “Back Your Way Into Success”
Michael Tessaro/ Centex Power Washing
9:45- Commercial Sales Training
Daryl Mirza/ Facilitec, Inc.
10:30 Fabricating Debris
Gary Mauer
11am- "The Lemming Study"
Kevin Dubrosky

12 to 2- Lunch on your own and equipment demos

2pm- “Body Slam the Competition”
Don Marler/ Marketing Assasin
3pm- Business Growth
Michael Hinderliter/ Delux Products
4pm- "An Intimate Sales Approach"
April Dodson/ Bidslot Marketing
5pm- Breakout meetings


9am- “Embracing What You Suck At”
Curt Kempton/ Symphosize, Inc.
10am- "Wowing your customer! 5 simple strategies!"
Jason Evers/ Quality Service Pros
11am- "Create Business Now Using Your Web Site and Social Media"
Charly Caldwell/ Internet Services Group, LLC

12 to 2- Lunch on your own and equipment demos

2pm- “Direct Mail - Here’s How”
Michael Mole - Chris Lambrinides
3pm- “Add-On Services- Profit Bonanza or Business Killer?”
Cody Thomas/ Glass Renu
4pm- "The Cognac Conundrum"
Kevin Dubrosky

Thanks for the schedule. Any additional info on the breakout meetings at the end of each day?

Still negotiating more sponsors and content for breakouts and demos.

That’s it.
Seats are sold out. Standing room only.

Hey, are all of the WCRA members going to get together for a dinner?


Here’s hoping! Make it happen, windowman!!

Great Idea! How about Saturday Night.

How many are attending Thad?

We’re at 50 now. There is room for 10 to stand in the back.

They wouldn’t have to stand the whole time because some people won’t be in their seats at different times but I can’t guarantee a seat at this time. I’m working on a bigger venue but didn’t get it nailed down yet. Meeting space is VERY expensive in The Quarter.

Let’s make it Fri night – I know some plan to leave town immediately after the event on Saturday afternoon.

Special guest speaker??? Is it Larry Laczko on internet manners?! Oh I hope so!

Mr. Manners Larry Lazcko ???


I dunno; I was thinking of seeing Col. Bruce Hampton and Jon Cleary at the Maple Leaf that night. Any takers?

Friday night will conflict with those going to the IWCA Auction and Awards Banquet (Speed and Medely competition)

Thad have you guys thought about recording the event and maybe offering it as a download on the WCR? I’m sure that would be a lot of work, but you’d probably generate some interest

There’s a big difference between playing in the big game and watching the rebroadcast on TV.
No comparison.

Absolutely. That’s why i got my ticket a month ago :slight_smile:

But I tell you what, if I’d been in St. Louis for game 6, I STILL would have come home the next day and watched the highlights again :slight_smile:

It’s “The Cognac Conundrum”.
More info to follow soon.

I don’t think they are having window cleaning contest this time. Larry Green, (Former IWCA President), called me a few weeks ago and he wanted to know why I was going to the IWCA event, (since it is so close to me), and I told him I was going to the NOLA event, and he was surprised that there was another window cleaning event going on at the same time.

I told him Hey man, no trade show, no contest, and alot of the speakers and subjects didn’t interest me, and he confirmed that, yea, no contest this go round. Did something change?