2012 New Orleans Networking Event Schedule

I look at our program versus theirs and feel pretty good about the comparison. They contacted me again about having a joint event but it was too late, I had already signed contracts. Too bad, it could have been good.

Anybody have any idea what “The Cognac Conundrum” is? I have no idea.
What about “The Lemming Study”?

I guess I’ll have to wait to February to find out!

Too many of you wanted to come this year and we overbooked the room. Therefore we are moving the event all the way across the street to the beautiful, historic Beauregard-Keyes House for Friday and Saturday. I guarantee you- this will be the most beautiful and elegant venue any networking event has ever been held at!

Break out the waistcoats and powdered wigs!
We gettin’ fancy up in here!

Seriously, it is a very nice venue and we have room for 15 more attendees. Oops, 13 more attendees now.
NOLA 2012! February 3th & 4th – Two Amazing Days! | Contractor Events

Bump for the people asking me about the schedule.
It is on the registration site, as well.

And I understand there are still a few seats left?

Yup. There’s a couple of seats left for the pressure washing, softwashing, and roof cleaning class, too.

Did we ever get a wcra members dinner together?

Yo. I tried to call you this afternoon. Hit me up. No official dinner planned yet, but it could happen. 803-942-2696

My bad, been getting a lot of Internet marketing calls lately so I let it go to vmail

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