2014 bni roi

I know this question has been asked a lot but I’m curious on current not past. I’m thinking about joining.
has it been worth the hour every week or no? How much revenue have you gained off of it? How many people were in the group?

Add me as one who wants to know this too!

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Yes, it’s been worth the hour every week. We got about $10k worth of work and this was my first year in the group. There’s about 35 of us. ROI is a little over 14 to 1.

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Our company has been apart of two separate groups, each lasting about two years. Our first landed us a 22k pressure washing contract and the second brings in monthly work with a maid and roof company. Well worth it.

It works depending on how much effort you want to put into it and, more importantly, your group is high octane and passing referrals. Some are just social clubs and not worth your time.

You can visit twice without signing up so if you’re lucky to have more than one, visit all the chapters (twice) and find one that fits you: they’re passing referrals, maybe there’s a maid service or carpet cleaning service, or high energy realtor, etc.

It’s really hard to talk general ROI since every group is different and every area is different. But I would think that a decent BNI should turn you 8-10k. Personally, I think BNI is absolutely essential to establishing your business and brand.

I totally agree with Jared. You can’t join, show up and expect all this work to just fall into you lap. It definitely takes time building relationships/credibility with the other members.