2015 season wrap up

Whats up guys?

Hope everyone is enjoying the end to another (or your first) season in business. At Lions Share Maintenance, we ended the year with almost 120% growth from last year, adding another company vehicle and closing business with 8 full time employees. We also added holiday lighting as a main service we provide, closing just shy of $37,000 in work in just 5 short weeks.

This is one of my favorite times of year, not just because the holidays, but because the phone is not ringing. I try and use the next few weeks to reflect on our business:

  • What worked

  • What did not work

  • Where we need help

  • What new systems need to be put in place to make us more scalable

Growing and maintaining our business is a goal that i think everyone reading this can relate to.

In efforts to make everything we are doing better, i have some exciting news.

In January of 2015, ProPosal, a software i developed in 2012, will be releasing version 3.0

New functionalities will include

Customer Tracking
Increased follow up functionality
Plus many other cool features that will help you systemize your business and focus on growth

For more information on ProPosal and what we have to come, visit ProPosal

I am also doing a daily Pariscope feed about the developments in Lions Share Maintenance and what we are doing to scale our window cleaning and pressure washing company in the transition from 2015-2016. This will include our company relocating from our current office to a more industrial/warehouse type space, the build out of a new F550 flatbed for pressure washing services, live feeds from our marketing meetings and crew meetings throughout the winter months, Live on site demos for Ice Dam removal (assuming it actually snows this years in Minnesota…) , Plus a ton of other great content for you to see first hand from a business going into its 5th year.

You can find me on Periscope @Proposaldave or by searching Dave Carroll in the Periscope app. We will also be doing something cool here JUST for WCRA members with the live feed.

If any of you guys have any questions, want help on putting together a bid, need a second opinion on an idea you have, or just want to chat; don’t hesitate to reach out. Im always available here on the forum, on social media, or via my cell at (612)300-8683

Hope you guys have a great holiday and i look forward to talking to a lot of you soon

Happy Hunting!


that sounds great i just followed you would love to set up a time to pick your brain about the Christmas lights.

Eric Viloria

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Eric, shoot me a pm with your contact info and we can set up a time to chat early next week