2016 SEO info?

Searched SEO and mostly found old threads littered with people who’ve been banned. Does anyone recommend any current resources for information? I really don’t foresee being able to afford $1000 a month for a pro to do it anytime soon. I’m hoping to possibly do my own optimising over the winter if i can get some good info.

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Hey WV,

We (462 Web Concepts) are the official webservices provider for the WCRA and PWRA, and our specialty is local SEO.

Feel free to PM me here, and check out http://foursixtwo.digital.

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Here’s a pretty good article that covers the nuts and bolts of local search optimization:


Nice now I got some reading to do later Thank You

Here’s how I do SEO for free for my cleaning co and I’m having good results:

Let me know if this helps and good luck!

Thanks! The spreadsheet is overwhelming, but very helpful.

I recommend trying to find someone local or credible. Ask your local chamber or BNI group. Find the one man show type of guy. They are affordable. I am paying $300 a month… my website traffic increased 2000% in the first 3 months. I thought I was doing good SEO myself before hand lol