22" liquidators thumbs up

I just got in my 22" liquidators and they sucked the big one. They were way to long and you had to put way to much pressure on it to try and get the edges so there was no detailing. Just absolutely hated them. But I just got in my black diamond hard rubber and that completely changed how these things work. I mean night and day. It took a little practice to get used to the size and making the liquidators get the no detail edge. But with the black diamond hard rubber I’m fanning picture windows and 48" sliding doors no problems. These things really move the water. I also love these on straight pulls top down or side to side and great with a pole. So 22" liquidators with moerman rubber or under hard rubber sucked, but with black diamond rubber they are great. It’s amazing how much of a difference the rubber can make in your tools. All of my liquidators are much smoother and there is 99% no detailing most of the time. If you have liquidators and u like them try them with the black diamond rubber they r truly amazing

I’ll be adding some black diamond rubbers to my next order then, the ettore is good in the liquidator for me. But hearing a great review like this makes me wanna try something new.

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I agree! I have been using black diamond rubber for awhile, there hard rubber (rules) soft is (so so.)

I get the liquidator leaves no more water on the glass but aren’t you guys still going back and wiping down the frames? Is it really saving that much time?

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