$250 in/out

[COLOR=#0000ff]Amazing. Got a call to come out and give a quote. No problem, I would be just down the street so it was an easy stop. 52 windows inside and out (104), 3 story, six windows pretty hard to reach. I give the quote of $468 - the guy says “the other guy I used for 20 years did inside out for $250, I want that.” I said he must be out of business. The guy said “no he moved out of the area.” Okay. Business was so good he moved. Hmmm. Oh yeah. His neighbor? Paying me over $200 more to do his place. :slight_smile:
I ain’t working for less than I want to.
I bring my whole professional business to his home and do what he can’t. Somehow that is worth far less to him than it is to me.
I think two maybe three times a year I get a call from a guy like this.

One other thing. I have discovered that by offering a discount up front doesn’t get me any more business than if I just offer my services. All of my repeat customers are happier with my work than they are concerned about saving a few dollars. Yet, I still offer quarterly discounts to loyal customers.


I gotta tell ya…
We used to do about 90% commercial, but recently shifted the business model toward residential.

Besides getting paid on the spot, my other favorite thing is… you don’t have one person who controls a large job(s.)

People like this guy [B]thinks[/B] (and acts like) he’s your only possible source of income.
Little does he know that you have hundreds more.

It’s not just commercial work. I bid 2 residential jobs next door to each other for $150 each that a different guy was doing for $45 each. The customers said they knew the gig was up when he retired and were ok with my price, but called the day before I was scheduled to cancel the job. I assume they found another cheapo or decided to try to do it themselves.

I don’t mind. I find it’s less stressful to just stick to my guns on price than worry about what I would have to charge to get a job.

I had a guy agree to a price over the phone. When I got there he said it was too much. Seriously guy you were just fine with it over the phone. So he said nevermind then. I walked out and as i was almost at my truck he yelled “hey, you’re not even going to haggle with me?” I didnt even turn around or reply. Just left. I was heated

Haha, epic! Too bad you didn’t have a CC deposit, tbh

No kidding.

Will be taking deposits when I go full time.

Yeah, that is always frustrating. On the other hand, sometimes you give them a quote that seems more than fair to you and they say “Oh, that’s all? Let’s do it!” You win some, you lose some.

Yea, this guy yelled to me “can meet somewhere in between?” I said “not on first cleans plus it’s a lot of work to get to your windows.” Incidentally he has 8 windows that require my two story ladder inside! If anything the quote should have been more.

Good for you Tim…bottom line is the guy backed out of the agreement.

Credit card deposits. That sounds like a good idea. Does it ever turn off any customers?

Been taking CC deposits for a year now on all new accounts- haven’t had one person bat an eye at it. One of the best things I did for our company last year, tbh

Sweet!! What percentage do you generally ask for?

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You sayin’ pigs in grass skirts turn you on? lol

That’s my girlfriend and I love her!!!

Haha, that’s a favorite saying of one of my old marketing professors when I was at u of south florida, professor jerry goolsby. He had so many funny marketing cliches to describe products, companies, and packaging.

We lose 4 or 5 prospects a year because of it. I always feel fortunate to miss them. Maybe they had nothing to hide…maybe they wouldn’t be slow payers… But I’m not taking that chance.

We service many out of town second home owners, and they love the convenience of paying by card so they don’t have to worry about mailing a check.

$125 which is also our minimum service amount

Wow. that seems a lot for a deposit.
I was thinking something like $25. I like yours better though. If they dont show, at least you got paid. What are your stipulations?

This is stuff I normally would only share in the WCRA private forum…but I’ll put this here for now…

Part of our phone script goes like this…
“Just like an airline or a hotel, booking your spot requires a credit card on file. We charge a $125 deposit that is fully refundable up to 24 hours before service. If you’re at home when we finish service, you can give us a check for the difference…and if not, we will just charge your card for the difference the next day.”

Say that matter of fact, just like telling them the time, and they won’t bat an eue