27' CLX VS 30' SLX You be the judge

Here is a quick video of me lifting the 27’ CLX and the 30’ SLX fully extended from the ground.

<iframe width=“425” height=“349” src=“YouTube” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Lifting it from this way, the SLX seemed heavier (could be the extra length) and they both seemed to flex similarly, but I can tell you when they are against glass the CLX feels like it flexes way more.

I will do more comparisons as time allows. Anybody want to know or see something in particular about these two poles?

It looked pretty close to me. I still choose the Sl-X.

Yeah, I was surprised. I choose the SLX too, mostly because it has a few extra feet of reach. Have you used the CLX?

Not yet. When I got my SL-X I was really looking to buy the CL-X but didnt because I wasnt to happy about the brush and the price increase. Im sure it’s a great pole though. I have been looking at the 14fter for some small stuff. What do you think about the CL-X BTW, Thanks for that video!

DeJay: I purchased an 18’ CL-X rather than a 14’ model as insurance for select situations where the added length would be convenient. Flex at this height is still outweighed by convenience.

I have a 27’ CLX and I like it a lot. It’s just a pain when it’s fully extended. Really floppy. Looks like the SLX flexes about the same. Kind of glad I bought the CLX. If I ever need to got higher then 27’ I’ll buy a carbon fiber pole.

I don’t think lifting them up and putting them back down was a fair comparison. Different lengths and different weight brushes also throws it off a bit.

Why are you getting rid of the CLX? Is it because you like the color black more than the color red?

Could you lower the bottom section on the SLX pole 3 ft and redo the video?

I had that same thought. Also maybe lean them both (extended to 27’) against a building at the same angle and see how the dip in them looks?

It’s not all about flex when lifting at full extension (besides, we don’t do that anyway.)

The properties of fiberglass and carbon fiber influence our ergonomics, scrubbing, and rinsing – on and off the glass – at height.

I loves me my Gardiner SL-X 30!

Ok, ok. Geez. :). My house isn’t tall enough to lean them up fully extended. Gimme a few days for your request. My mommy is visiting this weekend for one of my kids birthday party.

Yeah, we’re gonna need you to get that excuse signed by your mommy, if you want us to accept it. :wink:

I think the 27’ CLX would be the perfect pole if you mainly do 2nd story work with an occasional 3rd story window here and there. It is nice and light but like others have said, it’s super flexy fully extended.

Ha! No, not because of color. I bought it originally for my other truck. It was just too short on the first house I used it on and was not any stiffer than another pole I have. I wanted a sizable upgrade so I went ahead and purchased the SLX. I was going to keep the CLX as back up but I’m trading it in for another poll.

My excuse is on the Internet so it must be true. :cool:

Would you be refuring to an Extel?

I think so. Seth had (has?) an Xtel hybrid 31 or 34.

I’m referring to an Xtel when I said the CLX wasn’t stiffer than my other WFP pole I already have.

It’s a 31’ and gets used all the time still. I love that pole. It was $1000 when I bought it about 4-5 years ago. It’s amazing the advances in WFP technology since then. Better poles for less money.

Hi There

The apparent flex similarity is probably just because of the extra extension of the SLX30. The only real way to test comparative flex is to extend both to exactly the same length and put an identical weight on the end. Also the declination test (as per the video) is only part of the flex story. The real difference will be noticeable when using them. The SL-X will absorb far more of the bounce in use and I guarantee will feel at least twice as rigid. Due to its length and construction the CL-X27 is the most flexible pole in the range - The SLX30 by comparison is much more rigid in use.

And therefore less expensive to own!