2ft Gardiner goose neck and Reach Around

I want to eventually get a Gardiner SLX to replace my Tucker for high work. I have one job that requires a 2ft goose neck and what I want to know is can I put the Reach Around goose neck at the end of the Gardiner goose neck and successfully use the Reach Around?

I’m gonna be in the field tomorrow and I’ll give it a shot.

Thanks Shawn!

Can you use one of those goose necks on the xtel poles ?

Received my 24" G-Fit gooseneck from Shawn today (thanks!)

I’ll let you know how the combo works for a novice ASAP.


Tuesday, I needed to WFP some windows that were set back just under 24 inches at ~30’ in height (top of windows.)

I placed the Reach Around on the 24" G-Fit gooseneck upon my SL-X 35 with a RHG hogshair brush (I just love that thing!)

Unfortunately, the tops of the windows were too close to the building overhang that they were set into, making the Reach Around unusable.

As a side note, while the G-Fit felt a bit strange at first, it allowed me to clean at height without issue (after removal of the Reach Around.)

Thanks Larry. I couldn’t get my head around the angles when attaching the Reach Around on the G Fit.