2nd milestone

I wrote about my 1st milestone being I made 500 in a day.

2nd one was today making 109 per hour.

Would’ve been faster with a wfp I bet, it was exterior only.

Also I scheduled the service today by giving an over the phone estimate initially and one I have tomorrow by an over the phone estimate as well. (you can say 3rd milestone by giving over the phone estimates).

1 trip instead of 2.

I’m getting better dawg.

I know some of you are prob making 1k an hour don’t flame me :joy:


Stacking wins and hitting those milestones are what building a business is about man!


Hey @Narcos congrats on hitting these milestones! It’s inspiring.

Denzel Washington has a phrase - reach one teach one. What do you think about sharing a bullet point or two about how you achieved these milestones or what you learned in getting there?

A year of running the biz and constantly aiming to improve got me here.

It’s a never ending process. It’s like a game to me.

To make that 109 per hour you have to know what you’re doing at that point.

How the windows work, how to clean well and quick.

I don’t aim for perfection. I aim for running and growing a business.

I might not have cleaned the windows perfectly but I find most customers don’t care about that.

They care about the overall experience you bring.

Hope that somewhat helps.

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So true! When I realized my perfectionism was holding back my potential profits and wasting unnecessary energy, it made me realize I wasn’t doing the work for the sake of the customer’s satisfaction; I was doing it for myself.

In a weird way, aiming to satisfy the customer will make the job easier (something that usually doesn’t work in Retail).

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As someone on here said once “window cleaners look at the glass, customers look through the glass”


Man oh man I used to spend the MOST time making sure the glass was perfect. I was wasting so much time. Now, I still am very thorough, but I know just the right technique to get the job done and look good.

When customers say “holy cow I never knew how dirty they were!” I know I did a good job


I knock out houses quick now cause I got faster.

I just clean them in and out quick, detail, etc.

But you won’t see me looking at a window for long and scraping little things here and there lol.

No point, also at the end I offer the customer a “walk around” or walkthrough to take a look at the windows and see if everything’s good.

Most of the time they don’t sometimes they do but I haven’t had any of them say the windows look bad or anything like that.

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A customer not saying anything is not always a good sign. Some people feel it is rude or too confrontational so they keep quiet, but it it still bugs them that there was something they didn’t like. So time goes by and then they decide not to hire you again rather than bring it up. I know this from experience.


I see this reaction 99% of the time while doing the inside.

  • (people truly dont know how filthy they are)
  • and the next words are usually " and you havent even DONE the OUTSIDE yet."

Yes 10/10 it’s like that!

The other day we had first time customer and they wanted exterior only. Windows were filthy. Came inside to take off screens. Noticed inside the windows were filthy. Started with a tap water rinse first and brush out the exterior window sills. (Double hung) used a magic eraser to get some grime off some windows. Came back around with a pure water clean.

He came outside as I was packing up saying they look great and his wife has started cleaning the inside. She never realized how dirty they were! I said “do you want me to do the inside? Extra $150.” He said sold! Took me 50 mins and I was out of there. I got them on a quarterly exterior maintenance and an annual full service.


To me? Thats the perfect customer! Awesome job, my man!!! No shit.

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I always try and sell them on an inside and outside job. Almost always the insides are dirty, or cleaned poorly with Windex and paper towel. Most times they accept, even in the era of covid. I do still land a few exterior only, but it usually appears because they are trying to save money.

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I know I sound/hope to sound like a broken record, but people are filthy.

  • I love the normal persons assumption, that ‘the outside is dirty.’

  • it IS, but your breathing, forced air heat/air conditioning, those “cute little kids” of your kissing the glass, slapping their germs all over the place, are worse.

  • do we TELL them that? No, but its fun to know and suggest (under the radar, where they dont take offense) isn’t it? lol

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