2nd week using ace sprayer and screen magic

What a HUGE difference the sprayer can make. My time has been cut by even more using this sprayer, Im using less product and cleaning more screens. A house that would have normally taken 2 to 2 1/2 hours because of the 17 extreemly large sunscreens, only took an hour. and the screens came out better than power washing them. This product has increased our efficency, created a better result and most importantly put cash in my pocket. Also we are getting customers asking all the time what it is we are using on the screens. Word of mouth has been going great over the addition of this product. Screen magic thank you.

P.S. do you think you could work a case price on the 1/2 gallon concentrate. Right know im using about 5 gallons a month maybe a little more or a little less.

That Ace sprayer is the “Bee’s Knees” (just seen that GEICO commercial). Glad Screen Magic is making you more money and saving you time. I know some of our customers have said they use to groan when they bid homes with a lot of screens, now they look for them.

As far as the case price goes, the case’s I ship WCR come 6 to a case. Get with Chris or Alex I’m sure they will be happy to work with you!

Thanks alex already email me about case pricing. Ill be contacting him

do you tell your customers what you are using?

No way. I tell them its a licensed product I had to pay a licensing fee to become a dealer. I know its a lie. But I dont want people going out and doing it themselves and it creates value. plus the word of mouth really has been great. I have had calls from people asking about the product for their sun screens.

Can you use Screen magic in the same room where the screen is or do you need to take it outside to use the product?

Im not familiar with the term sunscreens. Are these different from the typical screens in vinyl windows?

I would recommend you take them outdoors. Most window washers that I talk to take off the window screen from the outdoors, treat the screen with screen magic, wash the window, put the screen back on and then onto the next window. Saves a lot of walking back and forth.