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WCRA Window Cleaning Association | The Window Cleaners Association

Hey Chris, i just joined about 5 minutes ago and then read this! Am i in?

If you scooped up a 349 full price one then yep.

Aww bummer…nope it was a discounted one [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION]

We actually still have these 3 left… We did have a few WCRA sign ups this weekend… but they were all on another offer… so these are still good for those that join @ $349

What do you get for you $349 aside from the pole?

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2 left…

1 left

I never received anything when I signed up. Just a big ol Thanks for signing up with the WCRA. lol

Was a welcome packet attached to that?

The welcome packet gives you instructions on how to access downloads / webinars / discounts / private forum.

Let me know if you received that and we can help get you started.

Oh yea, I think I got that. I’m talking about a free wfp pole or something. No worries…just giving you slack.


oh ok you had me worried… Please let us know if you need any help getting up to speed with the offerings.

Hey I have an email in my sent folder to you on Feb 25th that is the welcome email which breaks down everything about the membership. Possibly that had hit your spam folder or something but I have it as sent on my end to the email address you had provided when you signed up. Ill forward that to you again.

If there is anyone else that has signed up but did not get a welcome packet email from me, please reach out and I’d be happy to help!

I’m pretty sure I got it, I was just giving Chris some slack lol.

For anyone out there has joined recently and hasnt quite dug in, I highly encourage you to sign up for one of our free on boarding sessions…

WCRA Onboarding
[MENTION=3349]KateWCR[/MENTION] will spend 30 minutes on the phone with you and make sure your fully utilizing all the benefits.

Think all I got was an attaboy, glad to have ya on board but I maybe wrong.
Xcuse this reply, if I am.


we run different promos at different times… Sometimes there is a promo sometimes there isn’t…

The current promo is a pole and then there probably wont be one for a while… We usually do one a month.

kate just informed me I was wrong we actually have 2 xtendas left.

Is one mine? :smiley: