3 section extension ladders - next best thing to sectional?

I just picked up a 3 section 16 footer the other day - hoping it will work out great for inside and outside work.

Seems like the next best thing to a sectional ladder as far as :

  1. very lightweight
  2. very easy to maneuver

The 3 section 16 footer seems like it will be a lot easier to bring inside the house for the high inside glass than the 2 section version. Significantly lighter than my 22’ combination ladder as well.

Any of you rocking the 3 piece ladders?

plus it comes with a convenient carrying strap:

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I had a shorter employee that could not wield the two piece ladders so I picked up a three piece for her. She quit shortly after so its just been collecting dust.

It was the easiest ladder to carry around ever. Not to mention, you can get it into a hatchback if you needed to. The space savings alone is worth it.

and…its got a strap, can’t beat that with a stick!

[COLOR=#ff0000] Not to mention, you can get it into a hatchback if you needed to. The space savings alone is worth it.

[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Yeah, I can throw it in the back of my subie station wagon for 1 story gutter cleaning jobs and save gas $$. Right now, an Astro cargo van plus a subaru station wagon for estimates and small jobs has been working out well.

Are your vehicles all mini-vans, Ryan?

Those Dodge mini-vans look like a convenient vehicle for a lot of window cleaning set-ups. More convenient than a small truck IMO (especially if you don’t do pressure washing). [/COLOR]

I use my Werner MT-17 multi ladder all the time for one story stuff. Only draw back it is kind of heavy. Can’t beat the versatility though.

BTW, what do you do with all the leaves from the gutters when you bring your Subaru wagon for gutter cleaning?

[MENTION=3841]IV Clean Team[/MENTION]

I only use the Subie for gutter cleaning when I do 15 one story buildings scattered around a 30 mile radius for a property manager. All the buildings have wooded acreage around them so I just dump the debris in the woods and spread it around.

Most of my gutter cleaning customers have a portion of their property wooded. They tell me to just dump the debris in the woods. Much of Cape Cod is pretty rural.

In the past, the only time I needed to remove the debris is for the golf course homes with perfectly manicured lawns making up the whole of the landscaping or in cities with no portion of the homeowners yard filled with trees.

Good idea for a new thread: “do you always have to remove the gutter debris?”

Some would say that doing so is “more professional.” IMO, it has to do with where they live.

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Works out well for you having all those wooded areas. I am fortunate enough to have a wooded ravine behind my house so that’s where all my stuff goes. I think I have seen some threads on here a few years ago about that.

i did my first year as a windie with an Abru triple as my only ladder. As said they fit into a hatchback car ,i made a carpeted wood base for it to slide on and off quickly. i loved mine ,hung onto it for old time sake and only sold it fairly recently

I saw a guy a while back using one…I thought to myself man that looks like it would save some head aches!

Where did you pick yours up at Jesse… [MENTION=4338]greenj26[/MENTION]?


Home Depot. $119, I believe. Lowes and Home Depot are always having sales on these ladders. You can order them online and pick it up in the store or have it shipped to your house.

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There were several occasions last year where I said to myself, “Self, this would be so much easier with sectionals”. Unfortunately, this type of ladder wouldn’t have cut it for those situations. I needed the v-groove top, as well as a bit more reach.

But these triple extensions do look rather spiffy ;).

… I tried the 24’ 3 piece recently that was owned by another wc’er helping me out on a job.
I didn’t like it very much. It weighed about the same as my 2 piece 24’ and it
just seemed awkward and clunky. The 16’ does seem interesting for inside work.

my guess is that these small triples are the biggest sellers of all ,worldwide .

it could make interesting viewing, a film titled “the triple ladder story” from mining the alloy ore up in the mountains- pouring the moulten alloy to final assembly down in the city - ending with wistful music with a family sliding it into their hatchback car . Other films in the series could include the black leather car seat story