3 section stack ladder for sale NJ

3 section 6 ft stack ladder from abc

in new jersey will deliver to you, depending on how far i may add money for delivery. Im in monmouth county.

used 2 times, brand new. retails 700 with shipping, asking for 500. will post photos later

edit: Top, Middle and Bottom Section

I’m assuming it is a top middle and bottom section?

correct. All 3 sections. basically new

If anyone would like this i have it for sale still. Its the one found on ABC supply website. Used a couple times. Like new. asking for $400 but taking best offer

are they still available ?

YES. inbox me @ we can work something out.

If you want to deliver
Then to Long Island I’ll take them for 400.
Let me know !

That’s a great deal! I’m surprised they didn’t sell last year

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I sold them. Thank though.

Ok cool glad you sold them.