3 Story Apartment Blocks (4) UK

Took a few pic’s on a job we were on lads.
We had 4 Blocks to clean.

This is me cleaning the tops with the 65tf Carbon fibre pole

This is Dave cleaning the middle windows with the unger pole

We never really use the WFP for the bottoms we do them by hand !

What you think then lads.

Awesome pics!!

Cool man.
How long does it takes you ?

Whats the shorter green pole Denbo? Excel Hybrid?

It looks like an Unger Fiberglass. Basically the same pole as an Xtel only its green.

Is the 65fter an xtel pole? Awesome pics!


Cheers lads , the 4 jobs take 2 men about 3 hrs in total the 65ft is the Facelift pole and the Unger pole is the Fiberglass ones which we use all the time