3rd Annual Midwest Window Cleaning Conference

It’s official the 3rd annual MWCC will be held in Coralville, Iowa this July 22nd and 23rd
Unlike previous years though there will be an attendance fee to offset the cost of the room and meal (which will be a catered BBQ lunch from one of the newest BBQ franchises in the Midwest)
I’ll post the menu later.
I’ll also post the hotel information later. The rates are $89 a night and the room is at the hotel.
Also unlike previous years we will have limited space so we only have 54 spots for attendees because of the size of the room and fire codes.
Here’s the link to the webpage for the event to sign up - Midwest Window Cleaning Convention
We are pleased to have Curt Kempton as our Keynote speaker. He has also graciously agreed to do a Friday night discussion on Responsibid.
There is a tentative itinerary on the web page. Which I will update in the weeks to come.
For those interested in checking out the new EZ Pure system I will have one to demo at the event as well as other goodies like one of the new Assassin wfps from Britain.
Keep watching this thread as I’ll be releasing more details on other sponsors and goodies for attendees.
I’d like to thank WCR, Chris and Alex for their generous sponsorship and help.

Hoping to make it out this year.

Man, only 54 spots? That is not a lot.

Maybe it could be an outdoor event? With some tents?

That is actually perfect.

I’m in! Last year was a blast!

This is a great even Tony puts on… Him and his wife Dawn, are gracious hosts… that really pull out all the spots to make sure everyone is having a nice time. The time of year is perfect as weel, as most folks are just slowing down a little bit.

If you scroll down a little past this year itinerary, you will see photos and videos from last years event:

Midwest Window Cleaning Convention

Last year people came from the far East Coast to the far west coast Washington state.

Also it looks like we got 49 likes on fb to the event in just a couple of hours… if you could do me a favor and hit off a like, it will really help us spread the word about it:

Midwest Window Cleaning Convention

Hey while your at it if you havent already, we could use a like on our homepage to:

Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

thanks for helping out folks!

We will be making the drive from Toledo Ohio for sure to be there again it was a blast meeting everyone last year.Is there any discount for wcra members JW?


Wow thats quite the jump in price for being free years prior…

John - It would be awesome if you could make it!
Nick - With the overhead we have for the event all I could do is the discount for couples. It’s only $75 for a couple or an employer and employee.
Advanced - I’d love to have been able to keep it free but it’s still the cheapest event to attend here in the Midwest.
Kyle - It would be great to see you again.

I would also like to know how many WCRA members will be in attendance so we can plan a association meeting. Possibly Friday night after Curt’s ResonsiBid discussion.

Here’s the hotel info - Hotels in Coralville, IA: Hotel Rooms: Country Inn & Suites Hotel near Iowa City
They have a variety of rooms that start at $89 for the block we have reserved. The block is only reserved until the 8th of June so get your room quick. If we fill the block I may be able to get additional rooms. Just mention that you are w/ the “Window Cleaning event”.
Standard Room 1 King or 2 Queen Bed $ 89.00, plus tax
Studio King $ 99.00, plus tax
King Living Room Suite $119.00, plus tax

The catered BBQ lunch will be from Bandanas BBQ
We will have 2 meats (pork and chicken) w/ 5 varieties of sauce
3 sides (BBQ beans, coleslaw, and potato salad)
and their awesome garlic bread
There will also be some cookies for desert and coffee, water, and tea for drinks.
I’ll be bringing donuts for the morning as well.

A few years ago I put on a round table in St. Louis. Charged $35 a head. Long story short when the dust settled I still went in the hole a couple hundred bucks.

Put together good value Tony, and people will pay.

Will the Decorah eagles be there?

I believe they have a previous engagement Larry. :slight_smile:

Don - I believe the event will be something that those in attendance will find real value in.
Of and just to make everyone aware. I’m just trying to cover the cost of the event and meal. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme for me.

Last years event ended up costing over $70 per person that attended. I think $50 a head is pretty reasonable considering, Tony will still lose money on the event.

I agree. When you start charging for events some think you are out to make money off of them. For most host, that is not true.

And so what if you make a few bucks. No one knows the HOURS you put in behinds the scenes. These things don’t come together on their own.

The hours [U]and stress[/U] Don. Putting an event together can take months off your life. Coordinating people, and speakers. constant thinking about will people have a good time? Will they even show up?

Its tough.

Charging a few bucks adds a little legitimacy and prevents or trims down on now shows.

Don I gota talk to you about that thing, I think I may owe you a little ad space, give me a ring Monday if you can or PM me your # and Ill call you.

I’d like to welcome Unger as a sponsor of the MWCC. They are generously donating a complete 12" Ninja squeegee for every attendee will get a complete 12" Ninja squeegee. Thanks Unger and thanks Mark!
I will keep everyone informed of the growing list of generous sponsors as I get more confirmations.