3rd story windows on near zero lot houses

New here, but have been cleaning for a while. Have WFP system and a fair amount of experience. I am being asked to quote house washing and window cleaning for some high-end homes in Houston. These are near zero lot homes (about 3’ of room between fence and house. The second story I could muscle through I believe. The 3rd story seem impossible due to the angle of attack. I few could be reached if neighbors would allow me to be on their property. But there are a few where that won’t work either. All I can think of is build scaffolding. Anybody else run into this?

Can you gain access inside to tilt them in to clean the exterior from the interior?

They are fixed.

Use a narrow lift? No shame in turning down jobs that are that poorly designed.

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talk to the neighbors…
with all the frickin townhouses that are so popular, I’ve run into this before…
I haven’t had anyone deny me and, I usually get another job.
people want to keep up with the Jones’…