4 story apartment and The Golden Noodle

Here’s some pics of the job we did today. I’m using my 45ft Tucker on this 4 story apartment building.

Nice work Tony!

Its good to see action photos.

Hey Tony!!

That looks great Man! That noodle sure is flexible at 45ft huh!

Keep on stroking!


After using the Tucker at 40+ ft you really start Jonesing for a carbon fiber pole huh?

Looking good Tony!

How did the job come out?

This is the 2nd year I’ve done it and it’s usually covered in a heavy layer of street grime and dust. Here’s a before, during, and after.

Very Nice. I’m guessing those are not the original windows? The windows look way newer than the building. I’d suspect original window frames were wood.

How long did that take you?

Nice Tony. I sure don’t miss my Tucker. Look at that baby flex! How did you clean the tower part? Did the Tucker reach the front part?

The windows are about 10 years old. The whole job took 4 1/2 hrs setup and tear down. I had to park across the street and take my setup out of the van to be close enough to the job.

The tower has no apartments in it so they don’t want it done. The Tucker reached all 4 floors and had length to spare.

Apartment complexes and Hotels are typically 9 feet per floor.

So if its 4 stories, its only 36’ to the ceiling on the 4th floor.

With the angle you have to work at for WFP work combined with the flex of your Tucker pole, I’d guess you were using 40’-42’ of pole.

This is the ideal situation for a 48’ Tucker pole b/c each section can be overlapped slightly to ‘stiffen’ up the overall length by not over extending any one given section.