45' Xtel pole & 10' Fiberglass pole

I am selling my 45’ Xtel Carbon Fiber pole and my 10’ Fiberglass Xtel pole.

each pole as the G-Fit goosenecks along with the plastic angle goosenecks.

I have a water regulator which you can control 0 psi to 160 psi.
11- different brushes
1- inline tds meter.

Make me an offer if you are interested.

see the pics below.

5 more

5 more pictures

Another 5

The last 4 pictures.

Could sections be added to make this reach 60’?

Why are you selling?

As of 2009 i will not be using pure water cleanings.

I believe that you can, you might want to ask Chris or Shawn Gavin.

Come on I’m like a two year old I want to know why?

Why are you not going to use pure water anymore?

Crappy results, as i said in earlier posts, the wfp system does not save me that much time and being 99% of my jobs are 1 and 2 stories, whats the point of using a wfp

Did you get into it with the intentions of going to larger stuff? It looks like the equipment you bought is decent stuff. I mean you didnt scimp on pole selection.

What type of negative results are you experiencing? I can see where one story stuff would not be that much if ant faster especially if you didnt have a water tank set-up.

What part of Country are you in?

I am in Southern Calif.

I get alot of jobs that spot. and some jobs turn out perfect.

So, i am sick of wasting time and touching up the spotted windows.

Like i said earlier, i can squeegee faster than using a wfp on 1 and 2 story homes.

ohhh and i forgot to mention i have 250’ of 3/8 hose for sale also.

Hi there. I am just about to decide on buying a smaller pole and brush. Do we personal message about prices, or just talk about it right here?
I was thinking that a 13 or 17’ pole would be best, but if you could give me a price for the 10’ pole and two of the better brushes ,that would be helpful.
Or i can research how much they are new and then make you an offer like you said. I have been planning to get a boar’s hair brush.
Thanks, christopher

it is best to give me a ring @ 949 842 8245

Is it alright if i call tomorrow? If so , what are the best times?


i didn’t write down your phone number and now it is gone… Oops , not it’s not , i was looking at the wrong post.

just go to my website and all of my contact info is there.

Actually with this 1 you can not do that.