473 Free Window Cleaning Business Documents

We have a lot of new folks on the forum lately and I wanted to point out this easily looked over area of the site:


473 User submitted Window Cleaning business documents and marketing pieces for use free of charge.

Thanks to all the contributors.

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Where has this page been moved to?

It was deleted many years ago. The good stuff was moved over to our WCRA Section - https://shopwindowcleaningresource.com/business.html

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So none of the user submitted documents are available for free anymore?

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No they were deleted many years ago.

They are free if you join WCRA. I have downloaded many already worth the money and you get a small discount in the store.

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I actually had a membership for a while and unfortunately the documents from the page I’m talking about aren’t in the members area. They were deleted :confused: I’m surprised a valuable resource like that wasn’t archived. Kinda defeats the purpose really.

Oh well, at least there’s plenty of good threads to read still :grin:

Quite possibly some of the user-submitted information didn’t belong to the WCR in perpetuity. Probably a lot simple for them not to keep track of it since it wasn’t theirs.


It was a mess to manage. Lots of tech support, broken links, bad file formats etc… It was easier just to can the stuff.



Says no results found.

I see the free downloads… is there a limit on how many items I can download before I have to start paying for the other downloads?

No limit for members! :wink:

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No limit! everything is free as long as you are a WCRA/PWRA member. Shoot me an email fi you have any more questions: jessica@windowcleaningresource.com :slight_smile:

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