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Newbie here. Since we live in a 5 Star world how concerned are you(or not) about your rating on google/yelp? If so do you emphasize that in your marketing(if its good) and with your follow up in asking them to rate you. Thanks in advance.

Today , we received a call for a quote. We played phone tag a little but ultimately I arrived to give them a quote and walk them through expectations. After scheduling the service, I asked how they heard of us: “I googled window cleaning and your company had the most, and best, reviews.”

Needless to say, good reviews make a big impact. We use Google Business to manage reviews and even reply to them.


we get lots of jobs based on our reviews. we have FAR more than any other cleaner in our city even though we one of the smaller ones.

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I think if you have a website you should be concerned about Google reviews specifically. If you think about it its a “Google Product” - Although they don’t say it you have to figure its tied in some how with your search engine rankings.

We made this page to show customers how to leave a Google Review: Leave a Google+ Review | WCR – WindowCleaner.com

Then we made this page to display our Google reviews: Reviews | WCR – WindowCleaner.com

Good idea to offer the customer a discount on their next cleaning if they leave you a review? Or not?

Against Google policy to give incentives to leave a review. I just send a review link right to the review, some leave a review, some don’t.


sign up for nice job it works well
google review id most powerful as it helps with seo and shows when people search. nice job gives custromer the choice of sites you use and also a nice job review if they do not have social media. i have over 130 google reviews but over 300 all combined.
sotellus is also cool i am paying for it but haven’t used it yet ;( it also can get video reviews



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There’s a lot of “weight” so to speak when you can say you’re the highest rated in your city, county, or state. There’s instant credibility built, and your subconsciously seen as the “authority” in whatever industry your company is the highest rated in.

True story: I called a property management company, I told the guy I owned the highest rated window cleaning company in Eastern WA, and he said, “I don’t put any value in google reviews, because people can have their buddies write all of their reviews” or he had said something to that effect. I looked up this man’s business and saw he ran one of the poorest rated property management companies in my city (like a 1.6 star average for a lot of reviews).

After I saw how poorly his business was rated I truly believe he doesn’t put any value in google reviews, truthfully it seems like he doesn’t put much of any value in his tenants experience.


you are correct additionally your appearance helps not only with your “authority” and helps acquire 5 star reviews.

i went to help a friend the other day, he had a large home to do approximately 700 french panes and the tap was broken. i have a 250 gallon tank with a 2 pole set up.

he asked me why i was “dressed up” and i replied “this is how i work”, he was in worn jeans, a batman t shirt has a 3 day growth and cigarette in his mouth.


That’s when they think your friend is your employee.