5 Steps to Clean a Window

Unless you see paint on a window you should holster that scraper and use a better mop.

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I didn’t watch the video yet either but you should always use Dawn and Ettore rubber.


Im still in my prime :slight_smile:


Hat forward ya slacker!

You need to do an updated video and feature more products.

You’ll need

  1. Unger towel bag x 2
  2. Unger cell phone do dad bag
  3. Unger belt system with batman utility pouches
  4. Ninja scraper
  5. 3 different squeegees
  6. Poles, ladders, wfp
  7. At least 20 towels
  8. Steel wool
  9. Dawn, gg3, gg4, and gg11

Now you’re ready to tackle that storefront glass! Booyah!