6 story cleaning qoute my first day on google, HELP

Hey guys. Im Ryan with The View Crew. Solo venture and Ive just started out. Funny thing im getting calls for 5 stories up on a new commercial construction. Exterior only. I have no idea how to bid this job. its a total of 18 windows, 9 on two sides of the making the total of 18 windows that are 5 stories up. anyone out there please help

How new are you ? What experience do you have on boom lift or rope rappelling ? If none , I would pass

to be honest i think you should pass

No experience in that aspect. I do have access to a 65’ wfp that I’m sufficient at at 3 stories. Haven’t tried any taller Windows. But what would a job like that run?

& I am an if there’s a will there’s a way kinda fella so throw out whatever ideas you think to get this job done and what it might cost.

I’m not sure how well CCU works with a WFP. Also I don’t know how high you are insured to work.

You’d probably need a lift. So the charge would be high.

And I meant to add: if you’re really new you may want to pass.

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People genuinely respect you when you are honest and turn something down you can’t handle

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Ok, so a few don’t do its. But what would any of you charge, even a general ball park for if you rented a lift- I can get a 50’ tow boom for 400$ a day, or how much if they were clean enough for the Wfp? I didn’t inspect every pane for ext imperfections but it didn’t appear to have that bad of ccu on the exterior. There was definitely ccu on the interior but it was mostly dust and light paint.
Walkway at the bottom is a beautiful Slab of concrete
Lastly, if someone were to repel how much would you normally charge just to get them in the rope?
Thank you everyone for your quick responses. Ya’ll have been amazing!

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Alright. I guess I wasn’t aware of full history introductions. I’ve been tinting for 3 years with window cleaning added/ few accounts, working up to bigger. Been on lifts from various jobs from tinting to roofing. Yes my actual window cleaning company is 2016 new! Doesn’t mean I am
I’m simply looking for some input on pricing.

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Hey Ryan it helps out forum members if you fill in your back story, so everyone knows where you stand experience wise ect.


If it’s a true ccu your going to want to be nose to glass. Price always depends on the scope of work, its hard for forum members to give a price because we dont know your market or what your company needs to be profitable.

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I would charge the lift price + a full day’s pay. They probably won’t pay it . Maybe , maybe not

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Pretty much this. So probably charge $1000 or so.

However, if these windows are 5 stories up a 50’ lift ain’t going to reach it.


Tell them a thousand that includes lift rental.

Now it’s worth it. If hey say no move on

Tell them that’s your Minimum for lift work.

If you can clean it with a WFP Tell them 300

If it ain’t worth it you have to make it worth it

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Are you insured to clean 5 story windows? In my State, insurance companies split at 3 or 4 stories and below and 4 or 5 stories and above

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I’ve been at this for a couple years now, and have done lift work and drops, though residential is my focus.

It doesn’t look like you have roof access for a drop, let alone anchors.

It’s a chain hotel, so they’re looking for competitive (read ‘low’) pricing.

If someone asked me to bid it as a ccu, I’d pass right away. I’m not comfortable in a lift at that height due to the movement even a light breeze would cause and the potential for damage.

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