70 Window Cleaners Can't be Wrong!

70 EZ Pure systems sold!

Join the revolution!

Affordable without compromising integrity.

21" Carbon and a 21" DI. 5 times the competition!

42" of RO Membrane

Simply put, the best bang for your buck.

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Congrats… Its a great system.

Ettore Aquaclean EZ Pure RO/DI System by RHG

We have 1 left of a special deal going right now, get a Ettore Aquaclean EZ Pure RO/DI System by RHG and a 25 gardiner waterfed pole for $1995. Only one left and its not in the store, drop me a email or phone call if you would like to take it.

We have sold a bunch of these this year, and we have one in house. Everyone has been extremely happy with them.

Chris, what kind of pole?

sl-x 25

It is a 25’ Gardiner SLX pole. Originally around $1,000.00

This is a $600.00 savings.

I agree, it is a great system.

Looking forward to receiving mine shortly.

Pump-less systems are nothing new.

RHG’s pure water carts (with pumps) have been used without the pumps on up to 40’ high for a number of years now.

Last year, we decided to offer a system without the pump and cart to get the price lower and sell more units.

If a system utilizes 2" membranes and is capable of doing what GE’s is capable of, just imagine what systems that utilize 4" membranes, like RHG’s are capable of.

Yes its a 25 foot Gardiner waterfed Pole, with the [URL=“http://shopwindowcleaner.com/water-fed-poles-systems/pure-water-systems/ettore-aqua-clean.html”]EZ- Pure you cant beat this price… As I said only 1 left, ive me a ring if you want it… wont be around to long @ 1995