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Window Cleaning Supplies

Done and Done, reviewed the bucket lid and unger fixi clip

Ok. Huck towels and scrim;I find huck as good as scrim except for the size, obviously they are considerably smaller so they get wet much quicker. However, they detail just as quickly as scrim and they are a lot cheaper, so it is difficult to judge whether they are more cost effective than scrim or not, I would say they are. As they are smaller, they are easier to place on the end of a pole to detail with, especially when draped over a detailing squeegee. The down side is that due to their size, you will obviously need to carry a few, where as one scrim will last you a long time. I guess, if you are working on a large contract then it could be easier to carry a couple of scrim than quite a few huck towels. But if you are working on residential and your truck is close, I dont see that this is an issue. Over-all, I have found the hucks a really useful towel, and I think the only real difference between them and scrim is personal choice. If you like a small towel in your hand, go huck, if you like a big one, go scrim.
The second review is of natural sponge. I was a little disappointed with this to start with. I bought it to wipe up mess, sills etc. However, I found that it did not absorb the water as quickly as a micro fibre cloth. So I tried using it to wipe my squeegee blade instead…not too good at this either. But, when I started using it to clean with I found it very useful. On store fronts, I found that it was brilliant for cleaning paintwork. Not just frames but I mean the whole shop front…it holds plenty of water to wash with but is soft enough not to damage anything. It also came in very useful on cut-ups, instead of using a small strip washer, I found the sponge easier when applying pressure on finger marks etc and also getting into corners. Over-all, I found the sponge really useful for cleaning with but not so good for drying up with. So I would advise buying natural sponge for this purpose.

I did three reviews actually…wagtail whirlwind, BOAB, and Unger Sprayer on a bottle.

Quick Question: do we get entered twice if we write 4 reviews? :wink:

Sure Alex, why not! - Write 100 reviews and Ill give you 50 entries.

sweeeeet… I don’t really have that kind of time, nor have I purchased many items in the store that I haven’t already reviewed, but we’ll see…

My two are in.


Alex will not be able to clean glass after all that typing.

I’m back in the game too :slight_smile:

Reviewed Unger 0 degree handle and [URL=“http://shopwindowcleaner.com/review/product/list/id/927/category/104/”]Triumph Stainless Steel blades :slight_smile:

I did a couple -

Ettore Super Handle
Ettore Stainless Channels
Ettore Rubber 36"
Ettore BackFlip 18"
Triumph MK3

Good luck all…

I reviewed a two Unger handles.

I reviewed the unger scrim and some slayer channels!


Im closing this in 15 minutes, winner will be announced in about 30 minutes once I can get all the names in a hat.

I did my hundred or so, lol…

How do those fingers feel?

just peachy ;). I quit at about 8 or 10, I didn’t even count…

Well Alex - The #s were in your favor. Your super Duper Sponsor Prize pack ships out tomm… It will be a assortment of neat stuff from our great sponsors…

Ohh, Sweet!! Thanks, Chris, and WCR! Here I was telling myself: “self, you never win anything, you’re wasting your time”, lol :slight_smile:
thanks again.

Cool. Congrats!!