8 foot Slayer Channel in Use

And finally…here is proof that the 8’ Slayer from Window Cleaning Resource gets the job done in no time.


“The Artist”'s got nothing on you, an Oscar worthy production!

I’d hate to get a knick in that rubber…

were you the guys that “got it for free by showing it used in a video”? (something that was posted months ago?) Amazing. :slight_smile:

We want it next!!
Seriously- my wife thought it was awesome. We’d love to make a video for it, if it’s still going ‘on tour’. (although, now that I think of it, we have maybe 3 storefronts with windows big enough for this to be used on… ;))

oh, and I almost forgot to ask- how’d it work? was it hard to get even pressure on the blade? did it leave loads of water behind? and most importantly… did Alex send a couple extra rubbers with it?

Yes. And it was in the fall!

It was not easy to use, but Ben was able to do a surprisingly good job, actually good enough to just detail at the Salvation Army Store. Handle placement is key. And JfromtheD kindly sent me 8’ of S**** rubber.
As far as who gets it next, three others have voiced interest- Michael Mole, Brett Bailey, and Josh Cronin. If none of them want it now, you’re next.
So - Michael…Brett…Josh??

I’m pretty swamped right now (with a baby coming a couple weeks) so I’ll wait til next time it’s available. Thanks Dan! Great video!

I’ve held that thing before… its quite badass :slight_smile:

Don’t be surprised if zeke makes his appearance early. My wife and I thought we were planning ahead by getting the car seat/stroller 3 weeks before the due date… Our daughter was born the next day

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HA HA HA HA, that was awesome Dan! I loved it.

Congrats in advance, Michael! You’ll do a video someday I’m sure

Thank you, Shawn.

Loved it Dan!

So where is it going next?

How is it with Fanning?:smiley:

If anyone could fan with that, it would be a miracle!

Thanks, Chris.
So far Michael is out of the loop understandably, for awhile. If Brett and Josh aren’t in, then Alex Lacey gets it next.

So, the world’s largest squeegee is coming out of retirement next week. It has been minding it’s own business in my garage, but duty calls and it is going to Rob Lamb (theocrat) in KY sometime next week. Alex is kindly sending a box and shipping label. And thanks again JfromtheD for the length of rubber to fit in the channel.

That’s the impression I got!