81 Times

I was looking at a new schedule report today and came a cross a lady in our system that has had her windows cleaned 81 times by us in the past 8 years…

Thats almost monthly, but she is not on any type of schedule she just calls in when she wants it done. I thought that was pretty cool…

96 months, 81 services = 85% of the months or 10 months out of every year (skip jan feb probably)

what’s the job $ size?

It started at $154 and is $197 today.

If she called in 1st time service she would be around $270 ish

We have a residential customer who is certified OCD. We clean the outsides of all his windows once a month and every two weeks it’s just the outside windows in his pool enclosure. We’ve been doing him for almost two years and it’s crazy easy money, but wecan only be there either Wednesday or Thursday afternoon and he won’t let us clean the insides because he’s afraid we’ll track in dirt…no joke.

He also gets his pool deck surface cleaned once a month, but with another company. I ran into that guy one time while we we’re there and he said he’s been cleaning that pool deck once a month for 5 years!

WOW! Tell him to buy another home in Tucson- great other place for retirees to live. I’ll handle the cleaning of his Tucson home! :slight_smile:

Ive been cleaning 3 house on the beach every 2 weeks for 24 years .
Get this 1 of those houses i have never done the inside.

Does she have a view? golf course, river, open vista etc?

No not really… Cookie cutter / Mc mansion neighborhood type deal.