960 to 1 ROI

So just now I received a phone call from a client I cleaned windows for back in September of '10. This client was a refferal and when I cleaned her windows she said she’d like them done twice per year.

Last spring I emailed her (didn’t have her phone #) to remind her she was due for spring window cleaning. I never heard back from her even after two more emails, one two weeks after first and one more in fall.

Three days ago, I decided to reach out to some customers that I haven’t serviced for over a year.

Here’s what I did, I simply sent them a thank you card thanking them for their business. So this morning I get a call from this client and I schedulled her for next week, last time I charged $960, thank you card cost me less than a dollar.

That’s the power of a thank you card, good old fashioned way of doing business (I’m 24 btw).

A kind word goes a long way!

our cards are going out this week- we actually had to take out 3 cause the custis called us today before they hit the mail box- its gonnna be a GOOD YEAR!!!