A $1100 Goal Tomorrow Morning/Afternoon

Starting @ 3:00am I will be doing just route work, no houses. The biggest job is $50, I have set my goal to finish 1100 by tomorrow night. That would mean no more work for the week. The most I have ever done is 800, there will be no wfp,rhg backpack. Everything will be mop/squeegee. I’ll let yall know how it goes when I get home tomorrow.

Good Luck! Looking forward to hearing how you made out.

Obviously you only do outsides at 3am. I also start at 6 am when the temp is not so low. It is amazing how much you can get done on route work early Front row parking, no people in the way or traffic to fight. Good luck to you

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Why are you going to end the week on a Monday with only 1100 for the week? I really don’t understand the point of this thread. Is it a joke or something Im missing??

I have 1100 for the route work to do and to do it in one day it’s hard. Some customers I do with having the key to there business, which you can do in/out. Of course there was paper work to be involved being there by myself. If I was an owner of a company that an employee finish there work week in a day, that would be amazing.

If I had an employee do a week’s worth of work in one day I would be a nervous wreck wondering what got missed or got a cleaning that wasn’t up to par.

Yeah bro I’d like to see a video of that… not to make fun but to learn if you are doing a thorough and effective job. $1100 in a day storefront and commercial, for me at least, would be a 22 hour day.

I could do it, but the work would look like $h!+. Nor would I WANT to do it.

Good luck. I have always found challenging myself to hit a reach goal like this to be a lot of fun. Make sure you tune in on tues to my talk on adding scratch removal to your business. I will show you how to make double that in half the time. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out.

Why? Many of my customers provide a key and alarm code to me.

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How did it go?

Very cool. Good for you man.

Very feasible.

$1,100? weeks work in commercial in 1 day, damn you must be bloody cheap. I do mostly residential with just $850 in commercial and have those done in a day, $1,100 and would normally take you a week, Jesus, are they like $10 each or something

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Rule #7 guys.

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Hey bud,

How did it go?

It’s the rule that says Be nice to each other.

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end of story

First off it was a joke, but if you want to take it there, ok. You were insulting someone who is in a different market, who has different goals, and was excited about his goal. We really dont care if you charge a millon dollars and are a studly window cleaner. You came across as a arrogant jerk. Arent you the window cleaner who was whinning about losing 100k worth of work because you couldnt control your help? I thought we were supposed to be supportive of one another here. I just thought that was kind of rude. As far as being a brit, thats your problem, not mine. Never been there but notice a mass exodus of people for a few hundred years coming here. Hmm? Now your here. Hmm As far as you threatening me with a lawyer, get real. I cant be sued for defemation of character when your acting like a character on here. You have lost your mind if you think Britian is a better country than here. First cousin marriage if i am not mistaken is still legal there and a few southern states here, which we dont claim. Its all good, just relax. Try to be friendly and we will be friendly to you. By the way, I am not saying anything online that i wouldnt say to your face. Please dont try to threaten me with a lawsuit or whatever you Brits do to handle things which if i am not mistaken is a dinner of fish and chips with a good ale to wash it down. And i can get with that. lol