A better Flier

Here is a flier of mine, got about 1.3% return.
If any of you marketing Gurus would be willing to help me spice it up a bit I would really appreciate any ideas and suggestions!
Thanks in advance.

Also if you are new and need something to get started with as far as flier creation goes feel free to steal mine and modify it to your liking. (as long as you are not in SoCal, please. Honor system.)


heres the flierwindow_cleaning_postcard1.doc (32 KB)

Hey Doug,

You should put some graphics on your flyer’s

out of interest do you just print that off direct from word on ordinary paper?

1.3% is not bad.

i wonder what is the best responce rate any one has ever got from fliers…

is it possible to achieve a 5% return rate do you think

Thanks Doug! Do you think I should just start from scratch with a new flier or try to put a graphic on this one? Flier creation is not one of my strong points, my brain just does not work that way. Maybe I need to make full page fliers to allow room for some graphics?

Thanks again for any and all advice guys!

Doug, whats your email address? i will send you one of my flyers i used to use

Thanks Doug, I PM’d you my email address.

I will check it out

i have no pm Doug

. Thanks for brining that to my attention apparently the PM function doesn’t work from my phone.

[email protected]

Thanks my friend!

You have mail…

thanks Doug, very nice fliers, gives me a better idea of how to lay it out.

No problem Doug.

Nice name by the way…

should you need some post cards or anything else, just let me know…

growing up I never new anybody else named Doug, except for that cartoon, now all of the sudden in the last couple of years i’ve become friends with 5 other people named Doug, now 6!

well ya know if you did not live in so cal i would not give you all this info ya know, I love so cali guys…

So because I live in Oklahomie you won’t send me a copy of the ‘Steve Wright’ postcard?

I have all the fliers already. I just am curious about the postcard.

Just curious.

I ordered Steve Wrights package just for comparisons sake. I’ll send you my copies of his postcards if you’d like, Louie.

Just pm me if you want them, and I’ll pop them in the mail for ya.

Pretty standard layout.