A Challenge

Hey Guy’s

Had a nice challenging job here recently. What are some way’s you’ve handled a challenging job in the past?

I had a large Janitorial Company call me and said she had a few WC Companies turn her down on a large new Macy’s that was being built on the other side of the lake from me, (about 35-40 miles away). It was a new construction clean, and had 2 large walls of glass that went about 65ft high. the other 2 sides of the building were only about 25ft high. It all had to be scraped, (silicon, paint, mortar etc.), the problem was, you could use an 80ft manlift on the front, but they didn’t want you too, because the rest of the mall was open and it would block traffic, on the other hand the other 65ft wall of glass was on the side where the street was, and an 80ft manlift would stick into the street, so you would have to use a 60ft there, but the ground was so soft from the new mud and the rain that even the scaffolding they had up was leaning severely, and it looked like an incredible safety issue. You really couldn’t hang, because the roof stuck out about 12ft past the glass, ( and we don’t hang in my company anyway), so she wanted me to give her a bid to do in & out and all the inside frames.

My guys and I put our heads together and we were working on a device that would hook to my 60ft Ionics WFP, that would allow us to attach it to the brush and scrape with it. We tried it on a little pole at my house and it didn’t work. I finally decided that we were going to have 1 guy stroke with the 60 ft Ionic WFP and another guy would be right behind him with Monster Pole, ( I know dirty word :slight_smile: ), and then we would wash and rinse it again with the WFP after the scraping was done. Well, all of my guys thought I was crazy and that this wouldn’t work, but I said we were going to try it anyway. Well, we went out to the job and I did a few test on some low glass first to make sure scraping and Fab debris wasn’t going to be an issue, it wasn’t, so we cranked it up and 3 1/2 days later, and this bad boy was finished!!

The General Contractor actually found me on the site and said he really appreciated us, and how we were able to accomplish this job without causing a traffic backup, and also how we did it safely. The Janitorial company was so impressed that she said she just picked up a contract with 16 local hotels and she was going to have me bid on all 16 for maintenance service, (don’t no if this will come to fruition or not, but we’ll see).

Here are some pics below. What are some challenging jobs that you were able to complete?


I’ve got one this week and I’ll post pics so you can see the challenging part (hard to describe). Nothing like your’s Charlie. Nice gig and great job bro!:cool:

Well done man, kudos to you !

Pretty impressive pics Charlie
Nice Job!

Cmon guy’s no challenging Jobs? I thought for sure there would be a whole lot of ones where we could all learn from each other on.


I do all easy ones, sorry

We do a lot of challenging jobs… I just have a lack of pictures for them…

Back we i did way more high rise, we had some ccu gigs wherein we had to go out on the rope and install another rope that would allow access to the window. Once the rope was secure (details are unimportant) then we have to repel to the new rope and transfer from one rope to the other while 14 stories high.

Then, do the window and climb (ever climb 3 stories on a rope?) back up to rope #1 and repel to the ground.

These moves s-u-c-k. I always need new shorts after doing one.

Reminds me of when I used to rock climb in my late teens. I did some rescue training back in the day while I was on a 3 month NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) trip.

WOW!! :eek:

You win. That would be incredible to watch, (from a secure location of course). I dont mind going up and down 40 ft ladders or 80 ft man lifts, but I dont think I am man enough to go from one rope to another 14 stories up. Whew!! I’m sweating just thinking about it.


I can’t claim this one, but a friend of mine asked me to give him a hand on the CCU of the inside of the new Federal Courthouse in Boston, The glass wall tilts at about a 25degree angle, and they had installed a lovely track system to run a scaffold up and down to wash the windows, unfortunately the sprinkler guys thought the tracks were the perfect place to install the sprinkler heads, so using the rig was out
We tied off 4 lines each at the top and secured the outside 2 tightly at the bottom , set up chair and safety as normal and ran 2 mor safetys to the outside line which held us close enough to the glass to wash it

Great Job!!

Super creative, these are the type of things, that if we share with each other, will help us out on the next gig.


Absolutely! That looks like an amazing and challenging job. I always look at the inverted glass and wonder how they get to it.

Hey ya’ll,

Talk about a challenge, ck out the pics below. Job doesn’t look too hard, huh? It’s a pretty straight forward square 4 story building.

However, it is the Local FBI building. We cleaned the windows there Monday of this week. You have to get fingerprinted, criminal background check, they check under your car with mirrors the whole nine yards. That’s no problem we expected that, (we’ve been doing this place for about a year), the challenge is, they dont like you to use the bathroom!!:eek:

When you’re stroking the big 60ft pole all day, and drinking about a gallon of water, pretty soon nature calls. The problem is they have camera’s everywhere, so there is NOWHERE to relieve yourself outside, when you finally are about to burst and you go say PLEEEEEAAASSSEEEE let me use your restroom, They say “OK”, but in the men’s bathroom, there is 1 stall, and the agent has to stand in the doorway to watch you. Talk about Big Brother Yikes!!!:stuck_out_tongue:


One of the reasons a van is great.

I swear…this is true.

I have a friend who is a lawn guy. He claims he wears shorts…and no under wear so he can stand, act as though he is looking at a tree or something, and pee.:eek:

Now, I an unsure how he aims or if he aims…or if he does anything that us men will quickly wish me to ask him. However, i can attest to the fact that if i could do this…the first time, with no tell tale marks or spots…I’d be on it like a dog on peanut butter.

video cameras be damned.:slight_smile:

We did a pretty cool brand-new CCU on this sweet building: http://coc.ca/house/gallery.html

It has the world’s largest glass staircase.

Here are some action pics (scroll to bottom of page):

If I may make an observation, windowman:

[I]After reviewing your comments above, I believe that the main reason that your client loves you is not so much because the workmanship turned out great, but more so because you made him look smart, and you made his life easier.

These are powerful emotional motivators, and you should leverage those, moving forward, and assemble a detailed testimonial from him that focuses on how you accomplished those 2 important things for this client.

Just one guys perspective.

Food for thought :slight_smile: I appreciate this Kevin, and will get with that company to see about a testimonial.

Thanks a bunch!!