A Childrens Book?

Recently I met a family member (2nd cousins mother-in-law) who is a professional story teller. She and her daughter (my cuzins wife) were over for some grub.

we had lots of laffs and enjoyed our time together.

Last week I get a package in the mail; larger brown envelope with a "thank you’ note and…

a kids book.

The book was thin and very colorful with one of those cool messages. I read cover to cover in like a minute.

Then it hit me…I really enjoyed the little book (insert joke here).

what an awesome idea?

turns out many of my family members who visited later also read the book and we all had dialog about the content of the book.

The book was [I]My Lucky Day[/I] and I am certain the book is not the issue…A book was the thing. A kids book made it very …


either you get the point or you do not.

I expect very little dialog since this topic has nothing to do with the latest tool or method for this or that. But for those who ‘get it’…get it.

watch: 1 bazillion views with less than 10 replies.

I know the feeling – I’ve been spending alot of time reading with my 2-year-old niece.

just don’t turn Michael Jackson on me Phil


I am almost certain my initial response here would send us to the fridge.

so, I have this: Billy Jean is NOT my lover.

(The idea is as a [U]gift [/U]for our clients)

i understand.

i was jk

it almost would seem to be too wierd of a gift or just too much of a gift. you may give off the wrong impression.

I think if you put a note in with the book it wouldn’t be too much, or weird. I think most people that have kids would appreciate the thought and it shows that you pay attention to your work environment. Makes it kinda personal.

[B]I think its a great idea.[/B]

I gave one of my clients a 900 page book as a thank you gift a month ago, and it went over very well…

(True story)

Of course, this wasn’t a kids book.

give mrs.jones a Johnny Apple Seed book

As reply #10 I’d like to say - I get the concept and think it’s brilliant Phil! It lets your customer know you think of them as a human being not just a check.

YOU got it.

I was truly touched by the book.

I want to ‘touch’ my clients in such a way. But, that might just be me.

Who knows maybe you will end up touching your clients children too.

Can’t believe you posted that.

There is a window cleaner who writes kids books: last post.

Ronald Dahl also produced a book, now a stage play…[7th story](When young Billy meets Giraffe, Pelly (a pelican) and Monkey, they are desperate to get their business (the Ladderless Window Cleaning Company) up and running so they can earn some money for food.).

Did you write that 900 page book Kevin :confused: :eek:

I also get where you’re coming from - I also swap books with some clients.


No, he is an incredibly wealthy business man from the financial sector, so I picked up the brand-new Warren Buffett biography for him (“The Snowball”), from Amazon, and dropped it off for him with a little note.

He loved it.

Very smart idea. (like Phil said)

You could say it touched him, too, since it was exactly the kind of book he would love to devour.

And he’s one of my highest-paying clients.

The old 80/20 rule.

Didn’t realise you did ghostwriting :smiley:

not that kind of touch perv ball. :eek: