A Few Questions About Gutter Cleaning

Hey, all.

I had a potential client ask for gutter cleaning recently even though I don’t have it listed as a service. I could use some extra work so I said I’d bid it anyway.

Couple questions:

This roof is too steep to walk anywhere (12 12 or close to it), so it all has to be done from a ladder. I see from using search that a lot of guys charge anywhere from .5 - 1 per linear foot on average. I have no idea what going rates are in my area but this is all second story and they are FULL. 174~ feet. I’m definitely going to bid $1/ft. When YOU bid gutters, does the bid include removal of all the debris off site? Do you bag it up? Fill a trailer? Back of a pickup truck? Options for the customer at different prices? (Ex. Ok, sir. To clean out all the gutters will be X, if we remove all the debris off site for you that will be Y) Etc…

There are some goofy areas for windows and gutters where I’ll have to ladder up and then still use a pole. What are some good attachments to go on an ACME threaded pole to get different articulating angles that will allow me to clean some of the gutters with the pole?

Edited to add a 3rd question: What do you use for downspouts that have bends if they’re clogged? Is a plumbing snake sufficient or is there specific tools for gutters?

Thanks guys, mostly have been lurking on this forum but finding lots of useful info and opinions.

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Hey @Garry would you mind chiming in here.

You have some good pics of the tools you use and your pricing structure is pretty solid.

First search gutter cleaning…that should answer most of your questions.

I hang a bucket from my ladder and scoop debris into that. Then empty the bucket into large contractor style (xtra heavy duty) trash bags.

If the client doesn’t mind I throw it in their trash or if its not full of mud I empty it into thier green waste bin. If I do take it with me ill usually dispose of it in a dumpster at ome of the restaurants I service.

As far as pricing that really depends on your area. Most people in my area wait waaaaay to long to clean thier gutters and theyre usually full of mud and water to the point that they dont drain properly because they’ve been warped under the weight. I’m at $1 for 1st story and $2 for 2nd. I personally find gutter cleaning to be the most difficult job/ service that I offer and its really only worth it to me at those prices.

I don’t enjoy gutter cleaning, but I do offer it. It is a messy, time consuming job for what it is, but sometimes it is a breeze. I still don’t like it. It is messy, ladder placements aren’t always ideal, and 2nd/3rd floor SUCKS.

Anyway, enough rant.

I have a cheap Home Depot pole that extends 18 feet. On that I can attach one of the two heads shown below. With this pole I can set the ladder less often and reach way out and drag the debris to me.

This was an Unger 10 inch brush with rubber squeegee on the flip side that I cut down to just under 4" so it would fit in most gutters.

I also have this tool, that I am pretty sure you can order from WCR. It makes life easy as you can pull debris under gutter hangers with the extension end, then with the paddle end you drag the rest of the way. Since getting it I use my cut up version less often, but it still comes in so handy that I wore it out and had to get another to cut to size.

Edit: Oh yea, I charge $2.00 per linear foot of affected gutter, and if I have to flush down spouts that are clogged from neglect - $10-$15 extra. Depending if I shove a hose with pressure nozzle down the spout or have to dismantle it.
If it is just a few bags of debris I cart it away. If they have alley trash cans that several neighbors use then I dump it in there. Occasionally you run into a property where you can spread it as mulch under bushes. Just depends.


Thanks for the responses. After considering just how ‘mucky’ these gutters looked, I decided to go $1.5 a lin ft and I’m going to buy one of these ‘The Gutter Tool’ tools, STAT. Looks like a huge time saver vs moving the ladder every few feet and it’s only 20 bucks. I’ll probably also get an articulating arm for my pole for the few goofy ones I’ll have to reach.

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