A frame or Section ladder for interior

I’m sure this has been beat to death but someones gotta keep the threads fresh i guess. whats everyone use on interior windows if there 8ft + I use an A frame however im thinking sectional may be nicer

any thoughts

I’ve never used a sectional, but I can say the Little Giant has served me extremely well for inside and outside work.

I use a little giant copy. Warner i think. one downfall is the weight. Had to rope it up on the roof of a second floor building today to do 300 windows in 3 glass archs. pulled the ladder and my wash it pro up the roof access ladders in 3 different places. Im a bit tired. but it sure was nice to use the ladder and wfp. last time I walked on the glass and used a squeegee. Its a 40 foot drop. I love my WFP!

Werners! We have 3 different sizes depending on the house. Heavy, yes. Versatile, extremely. Never used sectionals and it would be nice to move something lighter, but the stability and setup variations are a tradeoff i am ok with.

Little Giant ladders are just to heavy! That’s all that needs to be said on this thread. Get a sectional ladder, you’ll never look back.

Trade off? I think if you had a sectional ladder it wouldn’t take you long to discover that it’s more versatile than a LG and much faster to work with. My LG ladder is covered with dust in the basement because I NEvER use it or need it.

So if you take an extension or sectional ladder in a house, are you just leaning it up against the wall? How do you guys go about protecting the floor and not worrying about the ladder slipping?

A fresh bath towel or clean ladder mit or a clean towel over a dirty ladder mit will protect the wall.

Little Giant ladder leveler works great on a sectional.

Mike, I’m still learning not to rule out what I haven’t given a chance. Notwithstanding that, I really don’t think LG’s and other articulating ladders are THAT heavy! I have a hard time believing that sectionals beat them in the stability department, but who knows!

Dan: I started my business with a little giant nock off so I have used them plenty. They are very heavy and also quite cumbersome. I got a sectional ladder as soon as funds would allow it. The stability question puzzles me. Sectionals are plenty stable in my opinion. The only time a sectional and a little giant weigh the same is when youre going up four or five sections high. How high does a LG reach, about seventeen feet, right?

If a sectional ladder allows a cleaner to move faster and therefore earn more money in a day it stands to reason that a little giant ladder is actual more expensive to own than a sectional. “[B]the cost of ownership vs purchase price[/B].”

Dan: Have you ever used a sectional?

I only use a sectional now so thats what I am use to so the last time I used my LG it was so heavy for me to use I promised myself I would NEVER use it again. Some lady wanted me to clean her casablanca fan. Never again. :slight_smile:

ten ft or so I use a little giant or a pole over ten ft I use either a sectional or a pole… balanced approach

There is no other alternative but to use an A frame sectional on inside work… dont forget a sectional can be broken down and transported in single sections . exactly what you want when you are moving from floor to floor on a spiral or curved staircase…

Don’t forget to get a half section. They only add 3ft to the height instead of 5ft. In my opinion a full set has 4 six ft sections and a 4 ft section.

The best ladder for interior work. Extends to 15.5’, collapses down to 3.5’. Can walk through any house and reach in any (reasonable) skylight with this thing under my arm. …just don’t leave it outside in the rain…

Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series, 15.5-Foot - Amazon.com

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I only use a sectional now so thats what I am use to so the last time I used my LG it was so heavy for me to use I promised myself I would NEVER use it again. Some lady wanted me to clean her casablanca fan. Never again. :slight_smile:

Mike, I’m not knocking sectionals- as I said, I can’t knock what I haven’t tried. I, myself don’t find LGs restrictively heavy. Maybe I’m just exceptionally strong (I know that’s not the case!). You’d have to give me a whole lot of evidence that two points of contact makes for more stability than four as when the LG is in A-Frame form. I happen to do a lot of ceiling fans in the middle of rooms where there is absolutely nothing to lean a ladder against close by. So, I’m saying that articulating ladders are very versatile, yes, a [I][B]tad[/B][/I] on the heavy side, but not such a bad choice. I’d probably look into what Garrett Pfarr has from Amazon if I want something somewhat along the lines of a sectional.

Dan: I’ll agree with you. The LG style is a very popular ladder. I would recommend it to anybody starting out because it is inexpensive and versatile. I see them all the time in window cleaners vans. Even guys with sectionals carry them on their truck. For me having used one for about 6 months they are just to heavy. I like the slogan “less is more” so my sectional is the ONLY ladder I need, if you don’t count my two foot step ladder. It’s just so light and versatile.

PS not as stable as a LG but that doesn’t matter to me.

I Have to say I hate LG ladders, I’ve used them in the past in construction and I’ll agree there heavy and akward cause there so wide