A gift from Alex

I was at the home office of WCR and while I was there I noticed a tree that was being tossed out. The roots still looked viable and it was clearly a Japenese Maple. The owner was getting rid of it so I asked Alex if I could have it. He made a quick phone call and I had it. It made the 1 hour ride home and wasnt planted till that evening.

I didnt think it would survive but I generally like a challenge. I checked it today and I think I see some budding new growth. I hope it makes it!
I got supurb service while I was there, Alex took the time and really held my hand thoughout the process of purchasing my beginner set up. I appreciate all the info and explainations, you didn’t have to …but you did!

First pic is what I think is something new…cant be sure…will update if there is any change

2nd is of the tree freshly planted

3rdafter pruning what I knew was dead
I am calling the tree " the Alex tree"

You know your moving up in the world, when you have a tree named after you;)

I don’t see trees in the WCR Store yet…

Ahh the Japanse Maple…

I told that customer it wasn’t dead and it would come back but they would have none of it. So I bought them a new one out of good faith…

Then the other day, Im walking by the window and see this guy stuffing a tree in the back of his car. I thought that was weird but didnt really care because it was in the garbage. Now its all coming together. :slight_smile:

I was in the other building from Alex. Im sorry I didnt get to meet you. Thats cool Im glad it worked out for you. :slight_smile:

What is the back story here?

We pressure washed last year and they told us this year 7 months later they had a dead tree.

Chris, send them the pic of their old tree :slight_smile:

yea right … I should. Michael hook up a pic when that sucker is all blossoming up.

definetly will…its the least I can do!
I’ll give a weekly update

Sounds like an amazing story for the next ACWC postcard!

Perhaps an Easter-themed promo, eh?

Dude I have had to buy some crazy stuff over the past 10 years that really wasnt our fault… Shrubs, blinds, wood refininshing… This one takes the is cake. Check out this photo of this $2100 makeup table next to my desk here at home:

The lady said we scratched it… Im so positive we didn’t. I said Ok, well fix it hired a furniture restorer to take the scratch out… $400 bucks… She didn’t like the work… So we ordered her a new one from Finland… Took 8 months to get here via cargo ship. She called us twice a week for 8 months and yelled at us. Claiming the cargo ship and the custom made makeup table was taking to long.

It finally arrived, and she wanted to keep both the new table and the old one… I said no way because I was certain she was BSing us anyway… So I finally convinced her to give it to me in exchange for the new one.

Now this $2100 crappy table sits next to my desk… I simply pile crap on it, I havent gotten to yet. I look at it everyday and am mad about it… This thing costs more than all the furniture in my house combined… I hate it… I hate it so much, Im going to burn it one of these days… Everyday it makes me mad.

Either way… Point being… I have paid for so much stuff that I know wasn’t our fault. People can be such scammers… it sticks.

That sucks dude-- but you should keep it as a reminder that there are people out there who will try and take you for whatever they think they can get.

If you have to destroy it though, I would suggest taking a sledge to it… Then call the lady back and ask her if she would be interested in taking it off your hands as you don’t have the room for it anymore.

If she says yes, tell her you will drop it off, when you get there and she’s all excited because she thinks she’s gonna sell that ugly hunk of crap on craislist, show her the pile in the back of your truck and explain that on the way over it fell out and was run over by a semi… or two.

It would be worth it just watch her hopes for a nice craigslist pay off go down the drain.

Hey “The Alex Tree” I like the sound of that! I’m glad you are able to give the lil tree a new home.

It was nice meeting you and showing you around. Stop up any time you need anything or just give me a call whenever.

Good Luck!

Ok 10 days and no new growth, I am starting to loose faith…will keep you posted