A little competition

The other day, I was cleaning a storefront window, and my customer informed me that another window cleaner had been by looking for business. OK. I had heard all of this before. Someone trying to cut my prices, doing cheaper, better, whatever, right? Well this one got my goad!

I think it bothered me so much because this was the third time in a month that one of my customers had reported that another window cleaner had tried to cut my prices.

Now shamefully for me, and worse for the other guy, the total value of all three storefront accounts would only be $56/month. Anyways–I asked what they had said to my customer and she said that the fellow had asked her if my company (he used my company by proper name) was doing the window cleaniner there. She said yes, and asked why? His response was that “I DO WINDOWS is not in business any more, and they left town”. Well I know that my customers are smart enough to not beleive this fool, but are smart enough to try and get information from this wacko regarding his business and his opinion of the window cleaning (price, quality, schedule, etc.), so I asked what his reply was. She told me that he would NOT leave any information. Not a business name. Not his name. Not his card (two of them said that he didn’t have any). Nothing.

Now, as strange and intreging as I find all of this, it has me wondering about more of my clients. Thankfully, I have great relationships with them all, and I am not worried about losing any of them. I am, however, wondering if this might be another window cleaner stooping to below bottom standards for getting new accounts, or if this is a person that I have made mad at me. I can’t recall ****ing off anyone recently so I am a bit perplexed.

All of my route clients are good clients, but my business certainly is not going to go bust if I loose every single one of them. I am 20% low-rise commercial, 70% residential, and a measly 10% storefront–as far as cash value and income. I am sure that if someone was trying to sabotage me, that it’d take much more than loosing $56/month.

I guess I was wondering if any of you had experienced the same or similar things in your business and would be willing to share them with us. I hope that this long-assed post helps someone out. Maybe it will catch the eye of the Turd-blossom that is trying to “cut my throat” in pricing. Infact. I plan on raising my prices again in January.

Thanks for reading!

I can’t say I’ve ever experienced this the way you have but, I did have some guy bidding my work at about 1/3 to 1/2 of my prices. Thankfully only a couple of smaller accounts left.

I ‘lost’ three big accounts because they called me and quit. Or so I thought.

Turns out they did not call…

Three calls…one guy two girls…different voices…

This of course did not sit well w/me. So…games on now.

Go get 'em. These type of tactics have got to be stopped in their tracks.

These are the kind of people that can ruin a great reputation with a few phone calls. First it’s these types of attacks, then you loose a few clients. Before you know it you’ve lost the whole block. Then panic sets in an customers will dump you for the sheer fact that others are doing so.

Perhaps a little preemptive strike is in order. Call or visit your clients and let them know about this scam. That ought to stop em in their tracks!

Thats a good idea of a professional way of handling it.

Shortly after this last episode took place this past Friday, I phoned my wife and told her to write a letter of thanks to all of my customers. Included in the verbage was a sentiment of appreciation of their loyalty and our dedication to customer service. They go out in the mail tomorrow morning.

Maybe it was a ex employee you fired…

That is some professional fraud, there, Phil.

Impressive efforts. Hopefully you can root them out.

It took me a little time to figure out what was what.

I gotta plan though. :slight_smile:

Does this plan involve Smith and Wesson?:eek:


It does involve doing FREE work for his clients. :slight_smile:

You’re a truly devious man, Phil!;):smiley: