A little help please

Hey guys,

I looked at a big hotel today. Exterior only, about 950 window pane count, about 200 of which is 3rd story( About 25-28 ft I think). Oh, and it’s spread out over 5 buildings. Water access isn’t a problem. I can ladder clean some of it. But…

This is the biggest job I’ve bid on to date. I have 3 guys to help me.

  1. How Do I figure how long this is going to take?
  2. Some of the windows on the third story buildings have screens. Would you guys go room to room, removing the screens, and then wfp or would you ladder it and get it all done in one swoop.
  3. What’s a good way to price when your new to WFP? I have no idea how long the 2nd and 3rd stories are going to take. Should I just estimate how long it would take me with a ladder and price from there?
  4. I’m putting pics up. ANY suggestions would be welcome. If you don want to post what you would price, please pm me.

A few more pics. O and a couple more facts

This job doesn’t need to be done until mid-march, so I have time to prepare.

They haven’t been cleaned 6-7 years, if ever. Most of the windows were replaced about 6 yrs ago.

I have almost a lock on this account. I cleaned the owners personal home and he likes my company. In other words, I am the only bidder at this point.

a couple of more pics… sorry about the doubles…

Are the 3 guys experienced wcers w/ a knowledge of wfp work?

  1. this depends on the answer to the above question
  2. It looks as though some of the windows are actually patio doors on balconies. If so you could have a guy removing screens and doing the ext of the patio doors at the same time.
  3. I’d try a factor bidding process, ie your standard pane price is a factor of 1. Then add for difficulty and access issues. The second floor might run a factor of 1.5 the third 2 and so on.
    Hope this begins to help.

I think that I’ve spotted a problem there, because if you look at picture #5 on the 2st set, I believe, just looking at the pic, that there’s not a lot of room between the glass and the railing there.
Did you notice that too while there or just seems like that on the pic?

There is not room on the balconies. These windows will be ladder cleaned.

Josh, im not sure where you are located, but windows here in the North east behind screens that have not been washed in 6 years, would almost definetly have screen burn, which I don’t believe WFP will remove
IMO price the whole thing for ladder work and if they are done more frequently in future then offer a wfp price

Thanks for the info, man. I did pull one ground level screen off, no burn, but it’s definitely a possibility. How about a pre scrub w/ gg4? That’s what I was planning on doing anyways, since they are so dirty. Also, they have metal screens on the outside. Does this make a difference with the burn?
I’m in Albuquerque, NM by the way. To be honest, I’ve seen screen burn only once and it was pretty easy to remove, but like you said, I don’t know if the WFP will cut it.

I looked more closely at the pics. What I see is railing below the window not covering it. So wfp will be no problem. You can give the owner(s) the option of them removing and replacing screens for a lesser price. If they would rather not then have 2 of your guys remove screens while you and the other guy start on the windows.

Most people that utilize a wfp do not bid the jobs based on using it.

You may bid it ‘cheap’ hoping to use a wfp and then find that for some reason or another the wfp doesn’t cut it. Then What? Raise your price or eat the difference?

The wfp is a substancial investment that your competitor did not make. Don’t make the investment and then cut yourself short with the monetary gain that should be seen from the investment.

On this particular gig I would offer 2 prices.

  1. The Lower- Clean through the screens. This will leave spots on any windows with screens. A waiver stating that you are not liable for any damage to the screens during this process would be advised.
  2. The Higher- Remove all the screens for them as part of the service. This will give the best results.

The third option would be to have the staff at the facility remove the screens before your arrival.

Cool Shawn. That’s the kind of clarity I was looking for.

I think I’ve just about figured out my pricing then. I meet with him tomorrow after I give an estimate to his neighbor.

Thanks again,


Here in the NE, metal screens would pretty much guarentee screen burn, in your drier climate i wouldn’t know.

Bid on this one today. Thanks for the help guys, I have a good feeling about this one